Why Skipping Windows Vista is the Best Option, For Some

Vista sales since its first release date have never been what Microsoft anticipated.  Microsoft thought that this is going to be the most popular Operating System yet — with a new look, new features, awesome security, etc.  Unfortunately as soon as Vista came out problems started arising. We’re all pretty much aware of these issues so I won’t list them here.

Today, Vista sales are still quite low. Some people think that Vista is not being adopted due to the fact that there is an increase in sales of systems with base-level OS that boot into an online access (check out Brian Nelson’s article on skipping Vista).

In my opinion this isn’t the case.  I think that Vista is still just not that popular.

Even though most of the problems and issues have been fixed, many people still think of Vista as nothing but problems (I know I do).  It’s still a little slow, if you ask me, compared to XP.  So when someone is out shopping for a new system and sees that there is an option to get Windows XP, many go for it.  Check out Dell.com — I was able to pick a nice gaming system and have them install XP Pro on it.  There must be a reason for it. Microsoft knows that a lot of us still prefer XP over Vista.

My good friend Dave posted a comment to one of my previous posts saying that Windows XP also had problems.  Of course it did.  And guess what Dave, Windows 7 is going to have lots of problems too. 

All Microsoft products have little kinks and smaller or bigger problems that need to be worked out before the products become decent. My point about Vista was that it was supposed to be this best thing ever — and unfortunately Microsoft fell flat on it.  Many people will agree with me.

Sure Vista is better now and a lot of people use it. But I am not going to buy it, just so I can buy Windows 7 again in few months. And by the way, I did learn Vista (my desktop has Vista on it) and I even passed Vista certification so that is just not the point.

The Future of Windows XP

I, as well as many other XP users, don’t need to worry about using XP until Windows 7 gets released.  Why?  Well, because Microsoft already confirmed that they do not plan on cutting the support anytime soon. In fact Microsoft stated: “We plan to provide support for Windows XP until 2014.” That’s plenty of time, if you ask me. You will have time for the Windows 7 to be released, fixed (we all know there will be bugs, right Microsoft? hehe), and tested before you move over to the new OS.

Who Should Upgrade to Vista Right Now?

If your company buys you a new system and it has Vista installed on it — you should start getting use to it.  Windows 7 is going to be quite similar to Vista (hopefully with fewer problems) so if you have no choice but to use Vista, then I think you should do it. Who knows, maybe I am going to be “forced” to use Vista too on my new laptop.

Skipping Vista: Is It a Good Idea?

There’s nothing wrong for some of us (hardcore XP users) to wait for Windows 7. XP still works fine, it is quite stable, and it is going to be supported for at least 4 more years. We need to understand that it may not be a good idea to move over to the new OS until second quarter of 2010, or later, but that’s only about 12 -16 months away.  That’s nothing, right?  That is just the right amount of time to plan for our new system, because you will more than likely need a new hard drive, video card, processor, etc.

One more thing to keep in mind if you are going to be buying a new system with XP on it — make sure it is “Vista ready” as the system requirements for Windows 7 will be very similar.

Good luck and hopefully I will see you on the other side in a year!


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