Vista Security

Microsoft Vista is much more secured than any of the previous versions of Windows. Together with Automatic Updates and Vista Firewall, new Windows Defender and MSRT (Malicious Software Removal Tool) help keep your computer healthy. However, according to security vendor, Sophos PLC, you still need to install a third party antivirus program. Sophos reports that 3 out of 10 forms of malware are able to penetrate Vista security.

Was the report created to try to demonstrate a security vulnerability in Vista? Maybe. Or maybe to try to convince Microsft to partner up with Sophos? Could be. According to the report, Mydoom, Netsky and Stration malware were introduced to Vista through a Web-based personal e-mail account. All three that were able to penetrate Vista entered the computer purely though social engineering.

Microsoft doesn’t deny the need for a third-party antivirus solution to fully protect your computer. You can never be too secured when it comes to viruses. Ronald O’Brien from Sophos says “Right now we’re debating [with Microsoft] whether it’s purely a social engineering technique or whether there needs to be a third-party security partner in place. (…) We’re going to be watching this behavior as Vista becomes more widely distributed and work closely with Microsoft.”

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