Vista Ready or Not …

Vista has finally arrived. It’s here and you can get it now — without standing in line. 

Unlike the PS3 release, we did not see people camping outside storefronts, or wars breaking out on e-bay. Vista is out there for whomever wants it, although quite expensive, especially after you add up all the cost for hardware upgrades.

You can either try to meet the requirements on your old system or just get a brand new Vista ready system. But money is not the only thing that Vista will be taking from you. It will also require a significant amount of your precious time.

Not everything will be working perfectly with the first release of the new Windows OS. For several months, until Microsoft comes up with all the fixes, you may feel like a free MS guinea pig.

But hey, if you want to be the first to own MS Vista, here are some of the awesome features you can brag about:

  • Aero – new version of GUI with 3D interface
  • Instant Search – no more waiting on the search results. This search is supposed to be quick and easy
  • Complete PC Backup/Restore – you will be able to perform backup of your entire system
  • Self-healing – no magic involved. Vista is intelligent enough to identify and fix problems as they come up, minimizing any disruptions
  • Better seucirty – this includes new file permissions system, better Internet security, spyware killer, etc

All these features are not included with every version of Vista. Take the time to thoroughly check out the version you are about to buy to understand exactly what you are getting. 

You can do that on the Microsoft site by simply clicking on the edition you are interested in.


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