Virtual Object Configuration

Virtual Object Configuration
Virtual Object Configuration:
Virtual Object Configuration is a process of making the QTP to treat a specified area or a user defined object as Virtual Object.
Virtual objects enable us to create and run tests on objects that are not normally recognized by QTP.
We can manage the virtual objects defined on our computer using the Virtual Object Manager.
Ø      Select Tools Menu
Ø      Go to Virtual objects
Ø      Select ‘New Virtual Object’ option
Ø      Click Next
Ø      Mark the area in the Application with help of mark object button
Ø      Click next
Ø      Select one of the following options
o        Entire Parent hierarchy
o        Parent only
Ø      Click on Next
Ø      Specify the Desired object name
Ø      Specify the Desired collection name
Ø      Click finish
Virtual Object Manager:
Virtual object Manager feature enable us to create and manage Virtual Objects




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