Upgrading to Vista? Watch out!

Vista is coming out tomorrow and it looks like a lot of us will be getting the new operating system.

As with all Microsoft Windows products you can buy an upgrade version or a full version of Vista. Be very careful, however, if you buy a Vista upgrade edition, as the installation requirements are quite different than previous versions of Windows OS.

With older Windows upgrades, you could reformat your hard drive before installing a clean upgrade version of Windows.

With Vista, after you reformat your hard drive and try to run a clean install with the upgrade key, the Vista installation will fail. In order to do a clean Vista install you will need to purchase a full version which is about $150 more. Otherwise you will need to install Vista on top of your current operating system.

When purchasing Vista, make sure to check with your retailer about the return policy on Vista that has been opened. Some retailers are aware that not everyone will be able to install Vista on their current systems, so they are offering full or partial refund options.


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