Transaction Control Language

Transaction Control Language These commands are used for controlling the state of the transaction they are fired from. Controlling a transaction includes capabilities of committing it, rolling back the changes, identifying the SAVEPOINTs to control the ROLLBACK, etc. The command belonging to this category are:- COMMIT – used for making the changes permanent. ROLLBACK – […]

Data Control Language

Data Control Language DCL commands are used to enforce database security in a multiple user database environment. Three  types of DCL commands are GRANT,REVOKE and DENY. Only Database Administrator’s or owner’s of the database object can provide/remove privileges on a database object. i.GRANT: The GRANT command is used by administrators to add new permissions to […]

Data Manipulation Language

Data Manipulation Language(DML) The Data Manipulation Language (DML) is used to retrieve, insert and modify database information. DML commands are not auto-commited.These commands will be used by all database users during the routine operation of the database. Different types of DML commands are: 1.INSERT 2.SELECT 3.UPDATE 4.DELETE —————————– 1.INSERT The INSERT command in SQL is […]

Data Definition Language

Data Definition Language SUB LANGUAGE OF SQL: 1.    DDL (Data Definition Language) 2.    DML (Data Manipulation Language) 3.    DRL/DQL (Retrieval/query) 4.    TCL (Transaction Control Language) 5.    DCL (Data Control Language Data Definition Language(DDL): Data definition language (DDL) statements enable you to perform these tasks: •    Create, alter, and drop schema objects •    Grant and revoke […]

Software Interview Questions

Information Technology Interview Questions I) Programming Languages C Language Interview Questions C++ Interview Questions VC++ Interview Questions Core Java Interview Questions Advanced Java Interview Questions VB.NET Interview Questions ASP.NET Interview Questions C#.NET Interview Questions II) Scripting Languages VBScript Interview Questions Java Script Interview Questions Perl Script Interview Questions Python Script Interview Questions Ruby Script Interview […]

Software Projects

Software Projects Banking Domain Knowledge Banking Project Descriptions for Resumes Insurance Domain Knowledge Insurance Project Descriptions for Resumes ERP Domain Knowledge ERP Project Descriptions for Resumes Healthcare Domain Knowledge Healthcare Project Descriptions for Resumes Ecommerce Domain Knowledge Ecommerce Project Descriptions for Resumes Telecom Domain Knowledge Telecom Project Descriptions for Resumes CRM Domain Knowledge CRM Project […]

UFT 11.5 Crack File

UFT 11.5 Crack File No crack file / Fake License Key available for UFT (Unified Functional Testing) 11.5 Version, some websites are cheating the Users by asking some amount and redirecting to survey pages etc… Up to QTP 10.00 Version some crack files available and that to they work on Windows XP Operating System, they […]

SAP Interview Questions – 5

SAP Interview Questions -5 How do I design the Indian Remuneration statement for the first time as the IN01 which is copied and renamed is showing blank?.After copying he IN01 form go into the form and click on the windows where you find so many entries to be made. 1.What actually happens in real time […]


NORMALIZATION IN SQL Normalization: The most important thing in database designing is to make sure that the data get properly distributed among the tables. Simply we can say that the designing of the table in proper manner is called Normalization. Normalization is a process that is used in relational database design to organize the data […]