UFT Guide

HP UFT 11.5 Tutorial

Overview on Test Automation

Overview on Unified Functional Testing

Software Test Automation

Functional Test Automation

Basic Features of UFT

Key elements of UFT

UFT Tool menus

UFT Test process

Recording & Running Tests

Types of Objects in UFT

Object Repository

Keyword Driven Methodology

Descriptive Programming

Methods or Operations

Inserting Checkpoints

Inserting Output Values

Inserting Transaction Points

Inserting Flow Control statements


Environment variables



  • Prashant

    Are we able to compare XML with Database. I am able to compare but we are facing 1 issue. Like 1 value is getting compared with all the other values, similarly other value is getting compared with all other values. Therefore we are not getting a clear result.
    A B C D (Column Names)
    7 3 ASD XYZ
    8 3 ASD XYZ
    9 3 ASD XYZ
    So is this 7 is getting compared with 7,8,9 and giving pass result for 1st output. Similarly for others.

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