Automated tools are broadly divided into 3 Types

1. Functional Tools (Q.T.P, Win Runner)
2. Management Tools (Test Directory / Quality Center)
3. Performance Tools (Load Runner)
Functional Tools (Q.T.P, Win Runner)
Q.T.P (Quick Test Professional)


Type of the Tool : Functional Tool
Company : Mercury Interactive Incorporation.
Scripting Language : VB Script
Version : #5.5, 6.5, 7.0, 7.2, 8.0, 8.2, 9.0, 9.1, 9.2.

Add – In – Manager

Add in manager is a feature providing Q.T.P, used for making the Q.T.P compatible with the specified environment.

By default Add-In-Manager contain 3 Add Ins.

1. Visual Basic
2. Active x.
3. Web.

Q.T.P is always compatible with standard windows environment apart from the above add ins any other add in is required one need to purchase it by paying extra cost.

Q.T.P screen can be divided into 5 parts.

1. Test Pane
2. Active Screen
3. Data Table
4. Debug Viewer Pane
5. Tool Options

1). Test Pane

Test pane is an area provided by Q.T.P, which is used for developing, viewing and modifying the test script.

It represents the Test script in 2 views.

1. Expert view
2. Keyboard view
Expert view.
Expert view represents the script in VB script format.
Keyboard View
It represents the scripts using a graphical user interface, which is further divided, into 4 parts.

1. Item
2. Operation
3. Value
4. Documentation
2) Active Screen
Active Screen is a feature provided by Q.T.P which holds the snap shots related to each and every script statement and used for understanding the script easily as well as enhancing the script easily.

3) Data Table
Data table is also called as formula1 sheet, which is developed by the third party and integrated with the Q.T.P.
Features: –

1. It is used for holding the Test Data.
2. It provides the facility to import the test data very easily from the different data sources like Excel files, Data bases and Flat files.
3. It allows the user directly to enter data and modify the data.
4. It isolates (Separate) the test script from the data source.

Note: Q.T.P maintains two copies of Data Table.

1. Design time data table.
2. Run time data table.

4) Debug Viewer Pane

Debug Viewer Pane is an area provided by Q.T.P which is used for Viewing, Modifying or Setting the current values of the variable or expressions during the execution brake with the help of three tabs by name Watch Expression, Variable and Commands.

5) Tool Options

The options available in Manu bar, File Toolbar, and Testing Toolbar are known as Tool options.



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