Two Free Virtualization Events You Can’t Miss

Two Events … One Goal

Virtualization has changed the way we think and do things. It saves us time, space and most importantly money.

If you’ve been waiting to learn about virtualization and what it can do for you here’s a perfect opportunity, two of them actually.

And did I mention they’re free?

Get Virtual Now — Microsoft Virtualization Launch

The first event is coming soon, as soon as next week actually! Microsoft is hosting the free virtualization launch in eleven cities in the U.S.

The first event is in Anaheim, California on Friday, October 10th and the last event will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on November 17th.

Check out the complete list of cities for this event.

The Chicago event, which I will be attending, is on October 27th — so let me know if you’re going and maybe we can meet and learn about virtualization together.

The best thing — all registered attendees will get a free virtualization readiness kit which includes: product, training materials, product evaluations and learning opportunities.

Those of us in attendance will also get to choose from three seminar sessions, hands-on labs, expo booths — and a free lunch!

If you’re ready to learn about virtualization — and get some free stuff — don’t miss this opportunity. Here’s where you can get more information and register for this free Microsoft Virtualization event.

VMware Virtualization Forum 2008

VMware Virtualization Forum 2008 is only coming to two U.S. cities this year — Boston and San Diego — and both of the events will be held in December. For more information and to register for one of these events go here.

I was a bit disappointed when I saw that both coasts are covered, and us mid-westerners are out of luck. But then I found out that VMware did think about the rest of us!

So for anyone who can’t make the trip to Boston or San Diego you can still enjoy the benefits on this event online.

The online Virtualization Forum will happen on December 16th, at 8am PST.

And, as the VMware site points out, you will still have the opportunity to:

  • Network with VMware experts, customers, partners and other IT Professionals
  • Attend 30-minute presentations and get the latest info on VMware solutions, products and industry trends
  • Access real-time information from industry leaders without the hassle or expense of travel
  • Create a multi-media resource kit, including white papers, videos and podcasts

Here’s where you can register for the free online VMware Virtualization Forum.

Don’t forget, both of these events are FREE — so take advantage and learn about virtualization and what it can do for you!


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