QTP Tutorials 7 – Bitmap Checkpoint

Now we will look at the bitmap checkpoint which is different from the image checkpoint. Make sure that QTP and the Flight application are open. STYLE A Open a blank test. Click on Record. When we click on Record, “Record and Run Settings” window opens up. Go to “Windows Applications” tab and choose first option […]

QTP Tutorials 6 – Database Checkpoint

Now we will try out Database checkpoint: using Oracle 9i First of all you have to connect oracle 9i to QTP 9.(before doing any recording) For this go to Insert -> Checkpoint -> Database Checkpoint. A Database Query Wizard opens. Select ‘ Specify SQL statement manually‘ from the Query definition area. Click Next. Here click […]

QTP Tutorials 5 – Page Checkpoint

Page checkpoint:It is for web applications only.Common things to check with this are load time, broken links etc. Open a blank test. Make sure thathttp://www.google.co.in/ is open.(Now only QTP with blank test and www.google.co.in should be open.) Click on Record. When we click on Record, “Record and Run Settings” window opens up. Go to “Web” […]

QTP Tutorials 4 – Standard Checkpoint

Checkpoints cannot be added manually, they are inserted using QTP’s interface. Results of the checkpoint can be viewed in the Test Results Window. Checkpoint information is stored in the Local Object Repository. It is in the Resource.mtr file which is in the action folder (if you created checkpoint in action1 then it will be action […]

QTP Tutorials 3 – Accessing Data Table values through Script

What if we want to write a short script that accesses values from the data Table. 1) Make sure that QTP (with a new blank test) and a blank notepad is open. 2) In the Data Table below write a, b, c in the first column A. 3) Click on Record. When we click on […]

QTP Tutorials 2 – Using Data Table

In our next example we will use data table: There are two types of data tables Design time and Run time: Design time data table is what you see in the main QTP window and run time data table you can see only in the test results window. Design time data table is always created […]

QTP Tutorials 1 – Familiarizing with recording process

We will test with the mercury sample application FLIGHT. QTP script consists of things like actions, functions etc. In QTP 9 we can place 120 actions in a script, this is a limit. We will begin with a simple test like the “hello world” program with which we start learning any programming language. 1) First […]