QTP Tutorials 15 – Regular Expression

Objects and text strings with varying (changeable) values can be identified by QuickTest using Regular expressions. Regular expressions can be used: to define property values of an object. to parameterize a step. to create a checkpoint with changeable values.   Important points regarding Regular expressions: You can use regular expressions only for values of type […]

QTP Tutorial 17 – On Error Resume Next, Err Object

On Error statement enables or disables error handling. Two On Error statements which we will discuss here are: On Error Resume Next On Error GoTo 0 If there is an error in the code “On Error Resume Next” ignores it and continues with the next line of the code. Consider the below example. Write the […]

QTP Tutorial 16 – QTP Recovery Scenario

QuickTest Professional Recovery Scenarios are summarized in the below mentioned points with 3 “easy to understand” examples. 1) With “Recovery Scenario Manager” you can a) create and edit recovery files, b) create and manage the recovery scenarios stored in those files. 2) A unique icon corresponds to a recovery scenario that indicates its type. 3) […]

QTP Tutorials 14 – Script to create file

Now lets do some kind of processing with file system e.g. working with text, excel, word etc files from within the QTP. For this tutorial you need to know VBScript FSO (File System Object). The main purpose of the FSO is to access the file system of the computer. File System Object model is: or […]

QTP Tutorials 13 – Importing Database Table

For this tutorial make sure you completed the Database checkpoint tutorial successfully. Because the connection we made in that tutorial with the oracle will be used here. It is very simple to import data from database into Data Table. Right-click somewhere inside the data table. Go to Sheet->Import->From Database… “Database Query Wizard” opens. Click on […]

QTP Tutorials 12 – Reusable Actions

In this tutorial we will see how to use more than one action in a test and how to call one action from another with in the same test. Open a blank test. By default it will have Action1 in it (make sure you are in the keyboard view). Make sure that Action1 is selected/highlighted […]

QTP Tutorials 11 – Checkpoint Return Value

We will use the Standard Checkpoint which we did in tutorial 4. Open that test that contains the standard Checkpoint. In the expert view of the test you will see only one line i.e. Window(“Flight Reservation”).WinButton(“FLIGHT”).Check CheckPoint(“FLIGHT”) Now we will make some changes in this one line so that it can return some value. NOTE: […]

QTP Tutorials 10 – Table Checkpoint

In this tutorial we will look at a table Checkpoint just to get familiar with it. Open a blank test and also open a website “http://www.editorial.co.in/software/software-testing-life-cycle.php” in offline mode. This website has a table at the bottom of the page. Click on Record. When we click on Record, “Record and Run Settings” window opens up. […]

QTP Tutorials 9 – Text Checkpoint

Now we will look at the Text Checkpoint: Open a blank test and a web page in offline mode like this below: Click on Record. When we click on Record, “Record and Run Settings” window opens up. Go to “Web” tab and choose first option “Record and run test on any open browser.” and click […]

QTP Tutorials 8 – Image Checkpoint

We will look at the Image checkpoint. Open a blank test. On your system under My Documents, there will be a folder named My Pictures, under this you will will find a folder- Sample Pictures( containing 4 pictures – Blue Hills, Sunset, Winter, Water lilies) We will run this test with one of the image […]