How to Backup Vista with the New Backup Utility

Remember the old days of using NTBackup to backup your computer? It had its pros and cons, but nonetheless it got the job done. Ever wish it had a way to backup your whole computer instead of just individual files? With Vista’s new Backup Utility you can make a complete PC backup, and/or backup individual […]

7 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Vista Machine Run Faster

Vista is filled with new features and visual effects that are useful and visually pleasing. But why is my computer so slow now? The number one complaint I hear from users is the performance of Vista is very slow compared to XP. Most new PCs are well equipped to handle the large appetite of Vista, […]

Microsoft’s Windows Vista Mojave Experiment’s Real Result

When Microsoft released the Windows Vista operating system to retail customers in January 2007, it was met by a wave of ambivalence and doubt. However, Vista was not unique in this regard. Business Week’s October 25, 2001 “Special Report” on Windows XP was titled “Not-So-Great XPectations”. But, unlike XP’s eventual march onto the computers of […]

Windows Vista Small Business Assurance

Microsoft has maintained since the launch of Vista that the operating system is a robust and stable platform for most users and that the issues with it have been over-hyped by the media and the Web 2.0 universe. We discussed the main reasons people hate Windows Vista earlier and it is true that many of […]

Master the New and Improved MSConfig in Vista

The System Configuration Utility – MSConfig – is a favorite of most pc users for a number of reasons. You can disable startup items and services, change boot options, and launch troubleshooting and configuration tools. Microsoft didn’t disappoint us with the newest version of MSConfig in Vista. They have made it simpler and more concise, […]

Top 10 Reasons People Hate Windows Vista

Recently, I wrote an article regarding the idea of Skipping Windows Vista. Since then, what was once one of many possible ideas has built momentum toward becoming the plan dictated by conventional wisdom. While this bandwagon may have already gained too many passengers and too much speed to stop now, one can’t help but wonder […]

A Free and Easy Way To Improve Your Vista's Performance

Did you recently upgrade your desktop or laptop to Vista and you aren’t getting the performance you expected? Or maybe you just bought a new computer and it’s just not as fast as you thought it would be. Want to help boost your performance without purchasing any extra hardware? Don’t worry, there is still hope! […]

Skipping Vista: What’s the Best Strategy for IT Pros?

Recently, Microsoft released its quarterly earnings reporting, detailing a continuing problem with the adoption of Windows Vista. The new operating system has not been adopted as quickly or as wide-spread as previous OS upgrades from Microsoft. Now, with the financial problems of 2008 in full swing, Microsoft said to analysts that they expect corporate IT […]

Viewing Windows Event Viewer in Vista

If you have been working Wintel computers for any amount of time, you have eventually found yourself staring at the console of the Event Viewer at one time or another. If you were smart it was before a disaster, if not so smart, it was after. But in the end you were at the Event […]

Vista is for Suckers and Mac Users are Better Than You

The title of this article seems to be the underlying theme in every “Mac vs. PC” commercial. The ones that have drawn my attention recently are the commercials targeting Vista. You’ve seen those commercials haven’t you? Most of them go something like this: Mac: “Hello I’m a super hip, fun, exciting Mac for young people […]