What Would I Do With A Server In My Home?

You’ve used servers in the office on a day-to-day basis. Now, it’s time to start using a server at home. With Windows Home Server, you can easily back up, access, share, and store all your family’s digital media. A server in every home is what the Microsofties are spouting about with Windows Home Server. Is it […]

Power Up Your Windows Home Server with Power Pack 1

Windows Home Server has taken the market by storm, with tens of thousands of copies and servers sold to people — from computer enthusiasts that want to centralize their documents, movies and music to the everyday home user that just wants an easier, safer computing experience. Through the use of a plethora of add-ins, you […]

How to Connect Your Xbox 360 to Your Home Server

So you got yourself a brand new Windows Home Server. Pretty cool, huh? Do you have an xBox 360 hiding somewhere too? Did you know you can connect these two together and totally show it off in front of your friends? Yup, xBox 360 and your Windows Home Server are compatible devices that can work […]

Why Get a Home Server — And How to Get Yours Free!

Here at Train Signal Training we’re all about free stuff — free video training, free tools, free software and now — free home servers! Today I’ll show you how a Home Server can help you organize and protect all of your music, photos, videos and other documents. I’ll also show you how a Home Server […]

Simplify, Organize and Protect Your Digital Life with a Home Server

If you’re looking for a simple and smart way to organize and protect your digital life — pictures, music, videos, documents and more — look no further. Windows Home Server is what you need! With Windows Home Server you can connect and manage all of your home computers. Create user accounts, set permissions and easily […]