XP must go: Time to move to Windows 7 or 8?

As most IT pros are painfully aware, even minimal support for Windows XP and for Office 2003 ceases in less than a year, on April 8, 2014. Even the few security patches we’ve had up to now will stop arriving. And that means huge risks for businesses still running the software. As well as the […]

Windows 8 Refresh and Reset: Restore the OS without worrying about user data

When a computer is terminally cranky, the cure is often reimaging to fix the crufty operating system. This is often followed by replacement of software and retrieval of user files and the discovery that the user hadn’t backed up something critical. Then of course, it’s IT’s fault that the file is lost. Sigh. Wouldn’t it […]

How to Use BitLocker in Windows 8

Years ago, Bill Gates made a commitment to continually improve the security of Microsoft Windows. Over the years, and even today, Microsoft has stayed true to their founder’s promise. A perfect example is BitLocker full disk encryption. Introduced with Windows Vista, BitLocker has become more advanced in each subsequent version of Windows. Windows 8 doesn’t […]

Why You Need Windows 8 Enterprise Now

Many consider Windows 8 Professional to be the version of Microsoft’s flagship desktop OS most suited to enterprises. This isn’t exactly true, as Windows 8 Professional has a big brother of sorts aimed squarely at these organizations. I’m speaking, of course, of the aptly named Windows 8 Enterprise. Windows 8 Enterprise builds on the foundation […]

More Reasons to Love Windows 8: New File Explorer

Shortly after Windows 8 RTM became available I made the plunge and installed it on my everyday laptop and. If you read my first impression of Win 8 Metro you know that I am a big fan. Well it’s been two months later and I have even more reasons to love it. Since my last […]

New Windows 8 Features for Productive Admins

Not everyone is thrilled with the changes to the Windows operating system, but even the noisiest critics of Windows 8 have to admit Microsoft added a number of useful features to their latest OS. The software giant has integrated several tools to allow users more control over their system. In this article, I’ll cover a […]

Windows 8 Application Development

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview was recently released for consumers, IT Pros and developers. There are many new and exciting things envisioned in the Windows 8 platform that previous operating systems like Windows 7, Vista, and XP do not have. The launch of this pre-beta version and the eventual launch of the successful final version […]

Install Windows 8 in a Virtual Machine

Most technical professionals love to test out new software. However, they hate to mess up their production machines. After all, those computers have been tweaked, optimized and customized to provide exactly the right environment to get things done and get them done fast. On the other hand, those production machines are our favorite computers. Sure, […]

8 Useful Tips and Tricks for Windows 8

Windows 8 Developer Preview is out and even casual users are jumping at the chance to try out the new, and arguably improved, operating system. Even if you consider yourself a Windows 7 expert, don’t expect to figure out Windows 8 right away; the operating system features an interface never seen before in previous editions […]

Will Windows 8 Excite or Frustrate Users?

Seemingly enchanting users with the catchphrase, “Reimagined Windows,” Microsoft Windows 8 is the newest OS that is set to hit the market reportedly sometime in 2012. Much fuss is swinging everywhere on the anticipated Windows 8 release, with reception leaning on the little less positive side also becoming evident. But really, is Windows 8 worth […]