Top 7 Things to Hate About Windows 7

Windows 7 has been a much more successful product than the often reviled Windows Vista. Corporations never embraced Vista on a wide scale and customers found many things to hate about Windows Vista. Customers sought loopholes and workarounds to avoid getting Vista pre-installed on a new PC. Windows 7 is definitely not plagued by this […]

Using Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) to Help with Windows 7 Deployment

The Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit, or ACT, was created to determine if different applications are compatible with new versions and updates to Windows 7. This toolkit is increasingly valuable to IT professionals who plan on deploying Windows 7 to an organization with pre-existing software requirements. Windows deployments have always been very involved processes. Compatibility issues […]

Swapping Heads with Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011

Coauthored By: Heather Ackmann If you’ve ever had to take a group photo, you know how hard it is to get everyone in the photo smiling with eyes open all at the same time. And if you watch TV, you’ve probably seen the “To the Cloud” Windows 7 commercial featuring the mom and dad with […]

How to Choose the Right Windows 7 Deployment Strategy

Figuring out the best way to deploy Windows 7 in a large-scale environment (and of course, the deployment itself) can be a seemingly daunting task. However, with the proper preparation, the right tools, and a bit of know-how, it doesn’t have to be. Today we’ll go over the different methods of deploying Windows 7 to […]

How to Use Location Aware Printing in Windows 7

Location Aware Printing is a great, brand new feature built into Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Printers are almost always complicated to manage, especially between networks. IP ranges change, settings change, drivers change, and the networks themselves change. With Location Aware Printing, you can take some of the hassle out of managing multiple network […]

Windows 7 Deployment Learning Portal

Recently, after a UK pilot run, The Test Factory (on behalf of Microsoft, through TechNet) released a new tool designed to assess the strengths and gaps of your knowledge about Windows 7 deployment, and with that assessment, offer up helpful tips and training resources so you can fill those gaps. With more and more businesses […]

Windows 7 Ad-Hoc Network Configuration

While it is not typically known by non-technical people, it is possible to connect Wi-Fi computers together without the use of a wireless router or access point; this feature is called Ad-Hoc networking. With Ad-Hoc networking, the multiple computers are connected directly to each other through the same wireless cards used to connect to the […]

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) Overview

To say that today’s IT departments are stretched to capacity is an understatement. Tasked with managing multi-platform environments, increasingly sophisticated security threats, and staying abreast of new technologies means that any opportunity to increase efficiency is more than welcome. Whether you’re supporting tens or thousands of devices, automation and simplification are key. Let’s consider the […]

How to Dual Boot Windows 7

Dual Booting Windows 7 provides many different benefits, as well as a few drawbacks. Basically, dual booting allows you to have two concurrent operating systems on one machine. Once you setup dual booting you will be given the option to choose which operating system you would like to start into, during the machine’s startup. Today […]

Getting Started with Windows 7 AppLocker

AppLocker is a feature built into Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate that helps to lock down the apps that you don’t want being used on your computer system or network. It works in two ways; you can blacklist applications, or whitelist applications. Whitelisting can be very useful in large network environments as it […]