Can these free tools replace System Center for smaller networks?

If you need to deploy, monitor, profile and troubleshoot a wide range of servers, PCs, tablets, phones, applications, virtual machines and services, or if you’re advanced enough to be automating your data center as a private cloud, System Center is your obvious go-to tool. If you just have PCs, notebooks, tablets and phones to keep […]

How much time can SharePoint 2013 save me?

We finished up a course not too long ago called Managing SharePoint 2013 with PowerShell for admins who are familiar with SharePoint, but not with PowerShell. While we were wrapping up the course, the TrainSignal gang and I were discussing the amount of time someone could actually save by doing different automatons in the course. So, let’s actually […]

Make the most of metadata, or get rid of it

Thanks to the National Security Agency (NSA), we all care a bit more about metadata these days. The revelations about the information Verizon has been passing on to the NSA about phone calls are a great reminder that knowing things about a piece of information can be just as valuable as the information itself. The […]

Printing SharePoint 2010 list items using Access 2007

Printing something from SharePoint isn’t as easy as hitting “print.” It has no print button. So what then can we do if we need to print some data from it? What if we need to print some records based on one or more criteria, or print a single item from a SharePoint list? One answer […]

How to Change Document Library Permissions in SharePoint

Are there times when you need to create a document for others in your organization to access, but you will also need to update that document fairly frequently? Emailing updated versions of the document just doesn’t seem feasible in these situations. Luckily, you are running a SharePoint server, and know how to use document libraries. […]

Logo Branding: Give Your SharePoint Some Character!

SharePoint offers a great solution to getting your entire organization to collaborate easily and efficiently. This is made even better by the possibility of using your SharePoint server to host sites that face out toward the Internet, for everyone to see. Of course, with that said, everyone knows that having a professional-looking webpage can be […]

SharePoint Tips: Manage Documents the Easy Way with Workflows

You probably remember hearing about SharePoint’s potential to simplify your communication and collaboration efforts. Today I’m going to tell you about one of the great features that not only makes things easier, but also saves you time: SharePoint Workflows! One of the things that can take up a lot of our time is waiting for […]

SharePoint Services Part 3: Learn to Create a New Wiki

Today’s article is the third and final one in the series on SharePoint Services, and will cover the steps in creating a new wiki in SharePoint. SharePoint Services Part 2 went over the steps to creating a new custom list and Part 1 focused on creating a new child site in SharePoint. If you missed […]

SharePoint Services Part 2: Learn to Create a New Custom List

In my last article, I went over the steps that are involved in Creating a New Child Site in SharePoint Services, which covered the first objective in designing a knowledge base, an inventory, and a collaboration tool for our fictitious IT department that I’m using as an example. If you missed the first article, I […]

SharePoint Services Part 1: Learn to Create a New Child Site

After installing Windows SharePoint Services, a top-level site is initially created and set as the main site to host on port 80 on the server. A top-level site is the base site for an organization and can contain multiple child sites for different departments or projects. Top-level sites and child sites are functionally the same; […]