IIS 7.5: New Features and Configuration

With the introduction of Server 2008 R2, came the upgrade from IIS 7.0 to 7.5. With this upgrade a number of different enhancements were included to improve on the ability to maintain and deploy IIS. These enhancements include: Integration of the FTP service Integration of WebDAV, including support for HTTP over SSL A new management […]

Web Deployment Tool Beta 2

At Microsoft PDC 2008 the IIS team once again showed their commitment to moving the IIS Web Server platform to a whole new level. It seems that we get almost monthly updates to the IIS platform from Microsoft — that continues to add features that make IIS a viable alternative to Apache. This latest release […]

Microsoft Web Application Installer

The Microsoft Web Application Installer will allow you to quickly and easily deploy the most widely used web applications available for free to your Windows Server. If you have seen some of my other articles on installing the open source software out there on IIS, you will notice that while it can be done, it […]

Microsoft Web Platform Installer Beta

It isn’t often that a new piece of Windows technology takes me by surprise or really knocks my socks off, but I have to say the IIS team has really done it this time. If you have been around Apache Web servers for any amount of time you have probably seen or used a program […]

Installing WordPress on IIS7 – Part 2

Now that we’ve installed and setup a WordPress blog on IIS 7 let’s get into the details and enhance it a bit. First we’ll set up search engine friendly URLs for our WordPress on IIS 7 to increase SEO. Then we’ll learn how to take advantage of the many WordPress plugins. And finally I’ll talk […]

Installing WordPress on IIS 7 – Part 1

In the past few weeks I have been writing a lot about using open source software such as PHP and MySQL on IIS7 to get you ready for today. This article will take the knowledge and experience of those articles and apply them to install one of the most popular open source blogging and CMS […]

IIS7: URL Rewrite Extension on Windows Server 2008

One of the greatest advantages that Apache server has had over the years, compared to prior versions of IIS, is the ability to use mod_rewrite to change URLs on the fly very easily. While there were options for this on earlier versions of IIS via the ISAPI rewrite modules, they were problematic and resource intensive […]

Install PHPMyAdmin on IIS7 and Server 2008

After installing our copy of MySQL on IIS7 and Server 2008, you might be wondering what to do next. Well if you don’t feel like learning the command line sequences for MySQL you might be interested in using a web based GUI based tool which will make managing the databases a lot easier. This tool […]

Install MySQL on IIS7 Server 2008

Now that you have installed PHP on your server, most of the popular PHP applications like WordPress & Joomla will require a database on the backend to support them. While there are other options, MySQL is usually the database of choice to use for these applications. It is one of the most widely supported databases […]

Troubleshooting IIS 7: Examining Trace Failed Request Logs

Troubleshooting is one of the most important aspects of system management that a systems administrator can learn. It can mean the difference between a system being down for 30 minutes and you being a hero for getting an issue resolved quickly, or being down for 24 hours, and management looking for replacement personnel. Learning the […]