Here’s how Exchange 2013 SP1 is shaking things up

We’ve seen several shifts over the years with the way that Exchange is updated, making it even more interesting to see how things are shaping up now. As a quick refresher, there was the hotfix model, and then the cumulative model using rollup updates (RUs). But with Exchange 2013, we have yet another new model. […]

Reclaiming your inner-geek through PowerShell

I’m 12 years old, and I have a Commodore 64 my parents bought from a neighbor. You can laugh, but I used that thing all throughout high school with my dot matrix printer and horrible word-processing application churning out reports on manifest destiny and other topics. I had Flight Simulator that took forever to load, […]

Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013: Better together

You’ve used SharePoint and Exchange but have you ever used them together? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. In a new course, Exchange MVP J. Peter Bruzzese (right) shows you how these two solutions become better communication and collaboration tools when they’re joined together. We recently caught up with J. Peter to ask him about […]

Live from TechEd: 10 top Unified Messaging features

TrainSignal’s own J. Peter Bruzzese has taken the stage at TechEd, room 356. Today he’s covering a topic that still mystifies many Exchange pros: Unified Messaging (UM).  What is it? What are the features that come with it? For those of you who couldn’t make it to New Orleans for the conference, I’ll share the […]

Unified Messaging 101: Stop letting it stump you

For many IT pros, Unified Messaging is a total mystery. They don’t understand what’s it used for, how it works or what features it offers that aren’t already available in their Exchange environments. I will answer these questions and more at a TechEd session on June 5 called “The Deep Dark Secrets of Unified Messaging.” […]

Join us for upcoming webinars on Exchange 2013, Lync 2013 and SharePoint 2013

If you’ve never attended a TrainSignal webinar, what are you waiting for? They’re free. They’re hosted by expert presenters, and they cover the latest technologies. They also include live demos and time from Q&A. Case in point, check out the webinars we’re hosting this month.  Space is limited to 500 people, so sign up now […]

Key Exchange 2013 Tools: Exchange Management Shell and Admin Console

In this free video from our Exchange Server 2013 Administration Training, Exchange MVP J. Peter Bruzzese walks you through the two ways to manage your Exchange Server, and why it’s essential to be comfortable using both: Install Exchange Administration Console (EAC) Run and use Exchange Management Shell (EMS)

Applying an OWA Policy through the Shell

OWA policies are created quite easily in the Exchange Management Console under the Organization Configuration node through the Client Access settings. It’s a GUI interface for configuration and doesn’t take much to have new policies for different users or groups of users within your organization. Where it gets tricky is the application side. If you […]

PowerShell for Exchange: A Script that Helps Generate Mailbox Reports

Greetings! My name is J. Peter Bruzzese, and I’m the Exchange 2010 instructor for TrainSignal. Whenever something interesting comes out in the Exchange world we like to either report about it through the TrainSignal blog or make a new video to post on the subject. In this case I came across a great new script […]

Continuous Replication via DAGs: 10,000 ft View of Exchange High Availability

Redundancy and Resiliency: two words that sound better in my ears than Recovery. With a mission critical solution like Exchange it has always been a key design focus to build in redundancy and resiliency when possible. In this vein, legacy flavors of Exchange design included placing your database on a RAID 5 stripe with parity […]