Understanding the difference between Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS

As companies gain more interest in the cloud, so does their struggle to make the transition. Most are unsure where to begin or how to assess which cloud provider will work best for them. Some of these questions that rise are: what types of conversions are needed in order to leverage the public cloud, how […]

Here’s the latest on OpenStack

I think an update is in order to my original OpenStack blog post. Over the last six months, we’ve seen Icehouse, the software’s ninth release, come out of the gates, along with a very successful summit in Atlanta. So, let’s do a quick recap to see where it stands now. By the numbers There’s some […]

Which cloud service is best for your mobile office?

Your cloud service can do more than you think. While it certainly makes for the ideal storage facility, it can go above and beyond keeping your important files intact. With seamless interaction between local apps, and profoundly improved remote applications, cloud services are now the best mobile office solution on the market. No more worries […]

The most important thing you’ll ever hear about cloud strategy

You’ve been tasked with coming up with a private cloud strategy for your company. Where do you start? After knowing why you’re interested in the cloud in the first place, there’s a key next step that can’t be ignored. “My best advice to you during the whole presentation is you’ve got to be very aware […]

Why adopting a Microsoft cloud strategy is a good idea

As a Microsoft infrastructure architect, I’m regularly involved in implementing Microsoft cloud solutions for clients. While the diversity of customers ranges from small SMBs all the way up to global-oriented enterprises, I’ve found that the conversation around Microsoft cloud solutions is comparable no matter how big or small the company is, or what business they […]

Unified storage wars: EMC vs. NetApp for SMBs and enterprises

NetApp’s FAS and EMC’s VNX are probably the most talked-about and most popular of all unified storage systems available in the market today. For sure, there are other layers in the space, but you only have to concern yourself with FAS and VNX to ensure that you have the best systems now available. The other […]

What you need to know before signing a contract for cloud services

Everyone’s excited about being “in the cloud.” Business owners and other stakeholders have heard about the many benefits of using it. They know about the agility it gives their operations and the cost-savings. There’s also the prospect of freeing up their IT staff for more pressing matters. Yet, in the rush to partner with cloud-computing […]

Amazon or Azure: Which is better for a home lab?

As an IT professional, or somebody working in the IT field, it is important for you to find a practical way of constantly improving your skills. This is essential especially if you plan to advance professionally. One way of doing this is by building a home lab. With your own virtualization lab, you will be […]

Nebula One: A new cloud player with a twist

There’s a new player in the cloud game. On April 2, Nebula launched its cloud controller appliance, which is being touted as the first cloud computer, at least according to its promotional video. But it’s not just hype. It presents some serious benefits. The best thing about it? Nebula One brings together both software and […]

The Cloud According to Small Business Enterprises

Every cloud computing consumer has his own uses and applications for the system. Users need different sets of features, applications and tools. Take for instance small and medium enterprises. What works for big and multinational corporations doesn’t necessarily apply to them. With the rising demand of using cloud computing, security, traditional apps (such as work […]