Manual Testing

Manual Testing I) SDLC Models II) Software Test Levels III) Software Test Types IV) Test Design Techniques V) Software Test Process VI) Software Test Documents VII) Test Case Writing VIII) Software Test Standards IX)  Software Testing Articles   X) Domain Knowledge  


Application Life Cycle Management Phases: Software Development Software Testing Production             Software Development Life Cycle Phases: Requirements Gathering Analysis & Planning Software Design Coding/Implementation Testing Release & Maintenance Software Test Life Cycle Phases: Test Planning & Control Analysis & Test Design Implementation & Test Execution Evaluating Exit criteria & Test Closure  

test case examples

Software Test Case Examples Writing Functional Test Cases Writing Performance Test Scenarios Writing Security Test Cases Writing Database Test Cases Writing Usability Test Cases Writing Compatibility Test Cases Writing Reliability Test Cases Writing Configuration Test Cases Writing Localization and Internationalization Test Cases Writing Test Cases for Installation Testing  

Testing Tools

Testing Tools We have so many Software Test Tools available in the Industry HP Quality Center Suite     WinRunner (Scraped) XRunner (Scraped) LoadRunner QTP (Now Renamed) UFT Quality Center Etc… IBM Rational Suite RFT (Rational Functional Tester) RPT (Rational Performance Tester) Micro Focus Silk Test Silk Performer Open Source Tools Selenium JMeter Bugzilla  


OpenSTA(Open System Testing Architecture) Performance Testing: One or more Tests designed to investigate the efficiency of Web Application Environments (WAE). Used to identify any weaknesses or limitations of target WAEs using a series of stress Tests or load Tests. Features Of OpenSTA(Open System Testing Architecture) Product: Cyraine Version: 1.4.1 Latest Version : 1.4.2 Purpose : […]

SRS Document

Software Requirements Specification  Table of Contents 1.0    Introduction 1.1    Purpose 1.2    Scope of the project 1.3    References 2.0    Functional Requirement Specifications 2.1    Use Cases 2.2    Functional Requirements – Online Catalog 2.3    Functional Requirements – Administration 3.0    Non Functional Requirements 3.1    Usability Requirements 3.2    Performance Requirements 3.3    Compatibility Requirements 3.3.1    Operating Systems 3.3.2    Browsers 3.4    Security […]

Software Tester Job Responsibilities

Software Tester Roles and Responsibilities Note: Software Tester, Test Lead Job Responsibilities may vary from One Company to another and One Project to another. Here I have provided Job Responsibilities in general orientation and by considering Industry Standards. I. Software Tester Roles and Responsibilities: • Understanding Software Requirements • Contributing in Test Plan Preparation • […]

Black box test Design Techniques

Black Box Test Design Techniques Software Test Design Techniques Test Design technique is a process to identify few test cases out of many with the likelihood of identifying defects. It helps to achieve high test coverage. Black box or Specification Based Techniques Specification-based technique is used to discover what claims are made in the specifications […]