test incident report

Test Incident Report


To document any event that occurs during the testing process which requires investigation.


A test-incident report shall have the following structure:

Test-incident-report identifier
Incident description

The sections shall be ordered in the specified sequence. Additional sections may be included at the end. If some or all of the content of a section is in another document, then a reference to that material may be listed in place of the corresponding content. The referenced material must be attached to the test incident report or available to users of the incident report.

Details on the content of each section are contained in the following sections.

Cover Page

No cover page is required for this document.

Section Description

Test-Incident-Report Identifier
Specify the unique identifier assigned to this test incident report.


Summarize the incident. Identify the test items involved indicating their version/revision level. References to the appropriate test-procedure specification, test-case specification, and test log should be supplied.

Incident Description

Provide a description of the incident. This description should include the following items:

Expected results
Actual results
Date and time
Procedure step
Attempts to repeat

Related activities and observations that may help to isolate and correct the cause of the incident should be included. For example, describe any test-case executions that might have a bearing on this particular incident and any variations from the published test procedure.


If known, indicate what impact this incident will have on test plans, test design specifications, test-procedure specifications, or test-case specifications.




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