Test Automation

An Overview on Test Automation

I) Drawbacks of Manual Testing

•    Large amount of Human resources and Environmental Resources are required.

•    Less Accuracy means human users (testers) may make mistakes.

•    Performance testing is not possible in manual testing.

•    Running test manually is very time consuming job.

•    Sanity Tests and Regression Tests are time consuming if it is manual testing.

•    Manual Testing is not comfortable for Repetitive (Data Driven Testing) Test Execution

•    Batch Testing is not possible without Tester’s interaction

•    Manual Test Case scope is limited when it compares to Automated Test

(Human User can concentrate on one or two verification points at a time, If it is Test Automation Tool can concentrate on multiple verification points at a time)

•    Processing change requests from customer also very slow.

•    GUI object size difference and color combination etc is not easy to find out in manual testing.

II) Advantages of Test Automation

III) Disadvantages of Test Automation

IV) Types of Test Tools

V) Coverage of Functional Testing



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