Web Testing Interview questions

Interview Questions and Answers on Web Testing   1) What is web application? It is Software application that is accessed over a network such as the Internet or an intranet through a web browser. 2) What are the different types of environments available in the Web? Intranet (Local Network) Internet (Wide area Network) Extranet (Private […]

Web script Examples

QTP Web Testing ————————————– ‘How to Verify links in a specified web page Option explicit Dim objDesc,objColl,i,LinkName Dim ExpUrl,ActUrl Set objDesc=Description.Create objDesc.Add “micclass”,”Link” set objColl=Browser(“Google”).Page(“Google”).ChildObjects(objDesc) For i=0 to objColl.count-1 step 1  LinkName=Browser(“Google”).Page(“Google”).link(“index:=”&i).getroproperty(“name”) ExpUrl=Browser(“Google”).Page(“Google”).link(“index:=”&i).getroproperty(“url”) Browser(“Google”).Page(“Google”).link(“index:=”&i).click wait(4) ActUrl=Browser(“Google”).getroproperty(“url”) If  instr(1,ActUrl,ExpUrl,1)>0 Then Reporter.ReportEvent micPass,”Link validation done”,”Test is Pass” Else Reporter.ReportEvent  micFail,”Link validtaion Fail”,”Test is Fail” End If Browser(“Google”).Back […]