Sweet Friday Link Love — Learn Windows 7 for FREE!

A couple of weeks ago I posted some great Windows 7 resources — articles, videos, certification and exam information, etc.

Well I’ve got even more great (and not to mention totally FREE) learning resources for you today so you can get a headstart and be one of the first people to master Windows 7.


Free Windows 7 Resources

First off, we have three free eLearning courses from Microsoft that are specifically designed for different audiences. So the first course was designed for IT professionals, the second one is for information workers and the third one is for consumers.

Here are the links and details:

  •   For IT Professionals

This two hour course covers the following Windows 7 features: deployment, security, manageability, and performance. Since the focus is on IT professionals, you will learn how to utilize these features in your environment.

You should take this course if you’re already familiar with deploying, managing, and maintaining Windows Vista or the Windows XP operating systems.

Clinic 10077: What’s New in Windows 7 for IT Professionals

  •   For Information Workers

This is also a two hour course, but with a focus on productivity and security. The course covers how to utilize Windows 7 to be more productive, protect your computers and data and how to connect to other devices and computers faster and easier.

Since the information in this course is pretty basic, anyone can take it.

Clinic 10088: What’s New in Windows 7 for Information Workers

  •   For Consumers

This short one hour course is the most basic one and focuses on new features, enhancements, and tools that Windows 7 has to offer. If you’re totally new to Windows 7 it’s good information to know. You’ll get to learn about what’s new on the desktop, taskbar, tools, experiences, sharing, search and security.

It’s a nice overview and anyone can benefit from the info.

Clinic 10125: What’s New in Windows 7 for Consumers

Microsoft TechNet has been busy creating Windows 7 tutorials as well, and they’ve got a nice list of videos available — also for free. Here’s a list of the current videos:

  • What’s New in Windows 7 Release Candidate
  • Windows 7 VHD Boot Demonstration
  • Migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7
  • User State Migration Tool
  • BranchCache
  • DirectAccess
  • User Account Control
  • Windows Troubleshooting Platform
  • AppLocker
  • Deployment Image Servicing and Management

All of these are shorter and more focused videos, but if you’re interested in learning about a specific function in Windows 7, these will come in very handy. Plus TechNet will be releasing more videos in the upcoming months, so keep this page bookmarked for more.

Windows 7 Feature Walkthroughs

If you have a specific problem or question and don’t seem to be able to find an answer, check out the Windows 7 forums — there’s tons of info, and people who really know their stuff.

TechNet Forums — Windows 7 Category

Microsoft recently launched a new Windows 7 Learning Portal definitely worth checking out. It’s got some nice freebies, including sample chapters from an upcoming MS Press book, free training and hands-on labs, as well as tons of useful links and resources.

Windows 7 – Learning Portal

Windows 7 – Learning Portal


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