Sweet Friday Link Love — All About Windows 7

I just can’t wait for Windows 7 to be released! Yeah, I like using Vista and yeah I have Windows 7 on my virtual pc so I can play around with it … but I really can’t wait to start using it on a daily basis.

Today I was telling my sister (a hardcore XP user) about how much I don’t like using XP now. After having Vista on my computer for only a couple of years, XP seems so foreign to me now and I find it harder and harder to use it. And Windows 7 will be even better than Vista.

That’s why today I decided to share some of the latest articles & info on Windows 7.


Windows 7 Resources

Interested in getting certified? Check out Lisa’s post about Windows 7 Certifications and information about registering for the first Windows 7 beta exam from the Beta Exam Announcements blog:

Learn about Windows 7 in these informative presentations called learning snacks. These were just released today so check them out. Just remember, you need IE and Silverlight to view them.

If you’re an XP fan you might enjoy learning about the upgrade/downgrade options that will be available with Windows 7:

And if that’s not enough Windows 7 reading for your Friday night, then check out Windows Server HQ’s delicious bookmarks for the Windows 7 tag.

And feel free to share your favorite Windows 7 resources!



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