Software Testing Terminology- N

 QC Terms -N

N-switch coverage: The percentage of sequences of N+1 transitions that have been exercised by a test suite. [Chow]

N-switch testing: A form of state transition testing in which test cases are designed to execute all valid sequences of N+1 transitions.

negative testing: Tests aimed at showing that a component or system does not work. Negative testing is related to the testers’ attitude rather than a specific test approach or test design technique, e.g. testing with invalid input values or exceptions.

non-conformity: Non fulfillment of a specified requirement.

non-functional requirement: A requirement that does not relate to functionality, but to attributes such as reliability, efficiency, usability, maintainability and portability.

non-functional test design technique: Procedure to derive and/or select test cases for non-functional testing based on an analysis of the specification of a component or system without reference to its internal structure. See also black box test design technique.

non-functional testing: Testing the attributes of a component or system that do not relate to functionality, e.g. reliability, efficiency, usability, maintainability and portability.



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