Software Testing Terminology- H

QA Terms -H
Hazard analysis: A technique used to characterize the elements of risk. The result of a hazard analysis will drive the methods used for development and testing of a system. See also risk analysis.

Heuristic evaluation: A static usability test technique to determine the compliance of a user interface with recognized usability principles (the so-called “heuristics”).

High level test case: A test case without concrete (implementation level) values for input data and expected results. Logical operators are used; instances of the actual values are not yet defined and/or available. See also low level test case.

Horizontal traceability: The tracing of requirements for a test level through the layers of test documentation (e.g. test plan, test design specification, test case specification and test procedure specification or test script).

Hyperlink: A pointer within a web page that leads to other web pages.

Hyperlink test tool: A tool used to check that no broken hyperlinks are present on a web site.



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