Software Tester Job Responsibilities

Software Tester Roles and Responsibilities

Note: Software Tester, Test Lead Job Responsibilities may vary from One Company to another and One Project to another. Here I have provided Job Responsibilities in general orientation and by considering Industry Standards.

I. Software Tester Roles and Responsibilities:

• Understanding Software Requirements

• Contributing in Test Plan Preparation

• Deriving Test Scenarios / Out lines

• Documenting Test Cases

• Updating Traceability Matrices document

• Collecting Test Data

• Creating Test Batches

• Executing Test Cases

• Reporting Defects

• Tracking Defects

• Collect Test Metrics

• Selecting Test cases for Re & Regression Testing

• Executing Regression Tests

• Modifying Test Cases (If Required)

II. Software Test Lead Roles and Responsibilities:

• Understanding and Analyzing Software Requirements

• Risk Analysis

• Test Strategy Implementation

• Test Estimations

• Test Team Formation

• Test Plan Documentation

• Configuration Management Planning

• Traceability Metrics document preparation

• Defining Test Environment / Test Lab set-up

• Guidance to Team Members

• Test Monitoring

• Test Control

• Interacting with Client-side People

• Evaluating Exit Criteria

• Preparing Test Summary Report

• Sending Test Deliverables to Customer

III. QTP Automation Tester Roles and Responsibilities:

• Deriving Test Automation Scenarios 

• Generating Basic Tests using either Recording or Keyword driven methodology or Descriptive programming or by following hybrid approach.

• Inserting Verification points, Adding Comments and Writing Error handling statements and Defining Test Result (If Required)

• Parameterize Tests for Data Driven Testing

• Creating Test Batches (otherwise we can implant Automation Framework for Automation Resources maintenance and Executing Tests)

• Debugging Tests (If Required) and Executing Tests

• Analyzing Test Results

• Reporting Defects through the Organization Defect Management System

• Tracking Defects status

• Selecting Tests for Regression Testing

• Modifying Tests (If required)

• Final Regression Testing

• Maintaining Test Automation Resources

IV. QTP Automation Test Lead Roles and Responsibilities:

• Getting Environment (Technology) details from Development Team and selecting appropriate Add ins

• Analyzing the AUT (Application Under Test) in terms of Object Identification

• Selecting Areas or Test Cases for Automation

• QTP Tool settings configuration and Globalize the Settings

• Automation Framework Implementation (It is optional, but important, without Automation Framework also we can Generate and Run Tests)

• Identifying End to End Scenarios, Reusable Components, Unique Components

• Identifying Sanity Tests and Data Driven Tests

• Identifying Verification Points

• Estimating Code size by considering Normal statements /steps, Verification points and Error handling statements and Comments (Optional)

• Work allocation to team members

• Creating and Organizing Folder structure

• Guidance, monitoring and Test Control

• Involving in Automation Framework Implementation (In generating Driver script and Initialization Script etc…)

• Collecting and Sending Test Automation resources and others to Customer

• Maintaining Test Automation Resources

V. Performance Tester Roles and Responsibilities:

• Identifying Industry Performance Testing Benchmarks and by considering customer interests defining Performance Test Strategy.

• Selecting Test Scenarios for Load, Stress, Spike and Endurance Testing

• Preparing Performance Test Plan

• Generating Test scripts (Using any Automation Tool like LoadRunner or JMeter or RPT etc…, generally Manual Testing is impractical for Performance Testing, so we use any performance Test tool)

• Enhancing Test Scripts by inserting Flow control statements, parameterization and Error handling statements

• Creating Virtual Users and adding scripts

• Creating Load, Stress, Spike and Endurance Test Scenarios

• Controlling Host, guest machines and Virtual Users

• Running Tests

• Analyzing Test Results by Considering Load Test Environment configuration, Server response, Network Communicators and Industry Performance Benchmarks

• Sending Suggestions for Application Performance Improvement

• Organizing and Maintaining  Performance Test Automation Resources

VI. Database Tester Roles and Responsibilities:

• Identifying Database Test Scenarios

• Connecting to Database and Data Retrieval Operations

• Verifying Data Integrity

• Verifying Data Manipulation Operations (Addition, Modification and Deletion)

• Data Comparisons (Front-end Data with Back-end, Database data with Excel file data etc..)

• Verifying Data Back-up and Recovery Operations

• Verifying Stored Procedures

• Verifying the Data Processing 
VII. Security Tester Roles and Responsibilities:

•    Independently advise stakeholders of best security test strategy to use for each project.

•    Define security testing framework and best practices for PD testing group.

•    Exploit security flaws and vulnerabilities with attack simulations on multiple systems and projects working against specific focused scopes of work.

•    Integrate the security testing activity into the development/testing lifecycle.

•    Perform web application Penetration testing (manual and Automated) and pinpoint the security issues and suggest countermeasures for security improvements.

•    Research and develop security testing tools, techniques, and process improvements.

•    Assists test management to ensure the delivery of security testing activities throughout the duration of a project until release.

•    Mentor junior engineers where necessary to build their skills and contribution levels in security testing. 
VIII. Middleware Tester Job Responsibilities:

XI. ETL Tester Job Responsibilities:

XII. SAP Tester Job Responsibilities:

XIII. Mainframes Tester Job Responsibilities:

IX. Web Services Tester Job Responsibilities:

XI. Usability Testing Roles and Responsibilities:

X. Compatibility Testing Job Responsibilities:

XI. Reliability Testing Job Responsibilities:



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