So You Think You Know Word … Then Take Our Challenge!

Almost all computer users say that they know Microsoft Word, and when asked to rate their skill level most, if not all, will place themselves at the intermediate level or higher.

Many of us think that Word is easy and that there’s nothing to it … and sadly that’s what I’ve always thought too.

So when I watched the sample video of our newly released Microsoft Word 2007 Training Videos I was really surprised by how much I didn’t know.

The new Word 2007 is packed with improved features and new options. I bet you’ll be surprised by just how much can be done in Word that you’ve never even thought was possible.

How are your Word skills? Would you place yourself at the intermediate level or above? How well do you think you’d score on a Word proficiency test? Are you ready to surprise yourself?

Microsoft Word 2007 Training Video Sample -- Take the Challenge!

Take the Word Challenge!

Watch this six minute sample video of our new Microsoft Word 2007 Training and see how much of the material you’re not familiar with.

In this video your instructor, Bill Kulterman, talks about section and column breaks, inserting pictures, text wrapping, creating cover pages, and lots more.

After you’re done with the video, see what Bill has to say about Word 2007, studying for Microsoft certifications, his new training course … and a little bit about himself.

Learn Microsoft Word From an Award Winning Instructor

Bill KultermanKasia: What do you think is the best new feature of Word 2007?

Bill: The best new feature of all the 2007 Office products is The Ribbon. It is now much easier to find the commands and features you’re looking for, they are no longer buried in hidden menus, everything is right out in the open.

They have also made Styles much more powerful and accessible, and by adding Building Blocks and Quick Parts, it’s much simpler to have consistency in your documents.

Kasia: Now that you’ve done both Word 2007 and Excel 2007 training, which program do you think is easier to learn?

Bill: Wow, that’s a tough question. Excel is such a large and complex program that I would have to say Excel. Word is more familiar to people, everyone has had to write a report or a research paper, even a memo, but not everybody has needed to make a spreadsheet.

Kasia: Why do you think someone should want to get training in using a program like Word, one that most computer users are already familiar with?

Bill: I can almost guarantee that most people would find things that they never knew existed before.

The average user will discover ways to make their tasks easier, produce a better product, do things that they didn’t know they could, and become more efficient and productive.

Kasia: What’s different about your Microsoft Word 2007 training, when compared to all the others?

Bill: I try to take a casual approach with my classes and I like to think that my teaching style makes the class fun and interesting. I also strive to be very thorough, exploring topics in great detail and concentrating on the things that a majority of people can apply to their daily tasks.

Kasia: What’s the most difficult thing you cover in your new training?

Bill: Forms are the most complex. They’ve significantly changed much of the ways forms work and are created in Word. Even people familiar with forms in older versions of Word might have some problems making the adjustment.

Macros are also complex. If you’re new to Macros they can be intimidating but learning their capabilities can really be incredibly useful for repetitive tasks.

Kasia: I know you have an extensive background in web and graphic design, so how did you get into teaching?

Bill: Honestly, I needed a job and the opportunity arose so I took it.

Kasia: You’re also an award winning Microsoft Office instructor, how did you earn this honor?

Bill: The award was based on student feedback metrics. After each class we would have our students fill out a multi-question survey of their experience based on a scale of 1 – 9. Something like 6 questions were about the instructor. I was in the top 15 worldwide for the company in 2005.

Kasia: What does MOS Master Certification involve, and when did you obtain yours?

Bill: You have to be Expert Certified in Word and Excel, then be certified as a Specialist in at least two of the following, Access, PowerPoint or Outlook. You achieve certification by passing a Microsoft exam for each. I finished my exams in 2005.

Kasia: What’s your advice for someone who wants to become MCAS certified for the 2007 Office Suite?

Bill: Well, take my course. Seriously though, study the exam objectives outlined by Microsoft and know them in great detail. When taking the exams read the entire question carefully, and make sure you understand what they’re asking before you answer.

Kasia: Besides your work here at Train Signal, what else do you do?

Bill: I still do a little web and graphic design work once in a while just for fun. I also enjoy going to the Opera, Biking, and my backyard pond.

Kasia: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions Bill and congratulations on the release of another great training product!

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