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Demystify Server 2008 Jargon!

Is your server administration experience counted in months or years? Well, either way you may come across a term from time to time that you need to look up (I know I do!). So, I have collected some Windows Server 2008 (and more) terminology resources for you. Go ahead and bookmark this post for future reference. I won’t tell.

Any and All IT Terms

Let’s start with a general IT encyclopedia. It was compiled by PC world and boasts 20,000 terms. The best part is that it is searchable. That way you will know right away if it has a definition for the term you seek.

Windows Server 2008 Terms

Here is a thorough glossary of Server 2008 terms by TechNet. The alphabetical listing has everything from terms, to file types, to definitions of snap-ins and tools, and oh so much more.

Virtualization Terminology

Microsoft core virtualization team member Ben Armstrong provides a list of virtualization vocabulary on his blog. He has compiled the first list to help you understand architecture discussions:

The second list is an update with 5 more terms:

Not Just Windows Home Server Jargon

Many of the terms on Philip Churchill’s blog aren’t specific to Windows Home Server, but they are important basics for everyone to know.

Cloud Computing Vocabulary

I don’t know about you but wrapping my head around the concept of a cloud was tricky enough, now here are many more cloud computing terms to mystify you.

Know of any other IT Terminology resources? Feel free to share them in the comments below.


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