Scripting Languages Vs Programming Languages

Scripting Languages Vs Programming Languages

What is Scripting Language?

A scripting language is a form of programming language and light weight language that is usually interpreted rather than compiled. It is written for software environments that automate the execution of tasks.

Examples for Scripting Languages:

Shell, Perl, Java Script, Vbscript, Python, PHP, REXX, Tcl, Jscript, and Ruby etc…

What is Programming Language?

A program is written as a series of instructions that can be read by a compiler and translated into machine code so that a computer can understand and perform tasks.

Examples for Programming Languages:

COBOL, C, C++, Java, VB, VC++ etc…

Scripting Languages Vs Programming Languages

Scripting Languages
Programming Languages
Interpreter based Languages, no compilation required.Here two steps only, writing the code in an editor and running the code.
Compiler based Languages, here 3 steps, Writing the code, compiling the code and running or executing the code.
Scripting Languages won’t create .exe file
Programming Languages create .exe (executable) file.
No explicit declaration of data types
Explicit declaration of data types, means need to specify data type for declaring variables
Support Explicit and Implicit declaration of data types. Note: Explicit declaration means, declaring the variables before using. Implicit declaration means, using variables directly without declaration.
Support Explicit declaration of data types only. Declaring variables is mandatory before using.
Reduce size of the code, means small amount of code is enough in order to perform a task /tasks when it compares to programming languages. Ex: If you want to display a message “Hello G C Reddy”, one line of code is enough Vbscript code:
Msgbox “Hello G C Reddy”
Increase size of code, means lengthy code is required in order to perform a task / tasks.   Ex: If you want to display a message “Hello G C Reddy”, minimum 4 or 5 lines of code is required. 
C language code:
# includeint main (void){

printf (“Hello G C Reddy”);
return 0;

Limited support for User Interface Design.
Rich support for User Interface design.
Only for performing tasks, not suitable for Application development.
Rich support for Application development
Limited support for Graphics design.
Rich support for Graphics design.
Can be integrated easily in other technologies, because of less or no formalities. 
Ex: Vbscript can be integrated in HTML for Client side script and in ASP for Server side script. 
Some difficult to integrate in other technologies.
Easy to maintain
Maintenance is some difficult.

What is Compiler?

It converts high level language into machine level (binary) language. You take any program language we use For, If, Do like English words, computers can’t understand English like high level language, they understand 0, 1 like binary codes only.
 Usages of VBScript language:

a) Client side validations

b) Server side validations

c) Network administration

d) System Administration

5) Test Automation Etc…



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