Scripting Languages Vs Programming Languages

Scripting Vs Programming
Scripting Language:
Scripting Language is a Light weight language, no need to compile them separately, during execution they automatically compile an run.
1) It is an Interpreter based Language
2) Interpreter converts high level instructions into machine language line by line
3) It doesn’t create executable file.
4) No need to compile the program
5) It takes less code for achieving tasks.
6) It greatly reduces development time
7) It reduces maintenance of cost
8) Implicit Support of Data Types.
9) Limited support for User Interface Design
10) Limited or No Support for Graphics Design
Example Scripting Languages are:
Shell, Perl, VB Script, Java Script, Python, Ruby, Rexx, PHP Etc..
Programming Language:
1) It is a compiler based Language.
2) Compiler converts the whole program in single short into machine language.
3) It Creates .exe file.
Need to compile the program
4) It takes numerous lines of code
5) It increases development time
7) It Increases maintenance of cost
8) Explicit support of Data Types
9) Rich support for User Interface Design
10) Rich Support for Graphics Design
Example Programming Languages are:
COBOL, Basic, C, C++, VC++, VB Etc…




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