SAP Interview Questions – Part 10

1) What is internal recruitment ?
Internal recruitment is search for internal applicants. when you integrate with personal development, you can use profile match up which help to search for resources internally.

Also  In recruitment it is represented by ‘P’ as Person and ‘AP” as external person.

2) What are problems generally faced while posting result to FICO ?

Normally mismatching of amount get posted.

3) What is controlling area, what does it do, and how were is it assigned ?

Controlling area is under of FI person which helps to set for costing purposes also based on thses fiscal variant is set.

4) What is the purpose of creating symbolic a/c, what is transaction code for same ? Can we assign one symbolic a/c to multiple wage types ?

It depends upon your payrol requirement to create salary head like expense account etc.

5. What is REPORT VARIANT FOR OFF CYCLE ACTIVITIES, what do we do in this step ?

Variant is to save all input field parameters.  once you saved as a variant , you can use the same for future purposes.

6.What all infotypes which has to be created at the time of hiring OR PA40 and cannot be maintained later with PA30 ?

Why you require creation of infotypes…

7.If we have to create multiple positions, what method OR tool we can use to avoid errors due to creating them manually.

You can create muliple position by LSMW or batch programs for the Tcode PP01 or PPOCE

8. What do is LANDSCAPE in SAP Project, I think its related to no. of servers used, Pls correct me if I am wrong, Or what it is ?

It is related to Basis

9.What is the role of a administrator in PA ?

To restrict access to Personnel administration based on PA/PSA.
Administrator: we come across for Personnel admininstration, Time management, and Payroll in sap .Each admiinistrator is reponsible for each individual activity.  You can get the name of the administrator in the pay slip so the employee for any clarification he can meet the responsible administrator  (accessed through payslip)
This administrtor (is created in PA of PM) is responsible for recruitment.  *– HR Tips by : Somasekhar

10What is golive actually ? What is the role of a functional consultant in it ?

Go live is transfering of data from Development server to Production server.Development —–>  Quality server

In Quality you need to Unit, Integration testing, Once it is OK in Qulaity server,

11.How to group employees for their allowances in payroll?

Go to basic salary of india in Payroll india and group the employee first depending on the allowances to be paid and this is
applied for even differantiating the employees into groups depending on their pay structures.

12.In OM, how to get the details for group of employees (ex.) group of Drivers in the organisation?

Drivers can be identified depending on their position at which they are working and you can have a different job codes for them who do you want to look into.

13.How is Time managment and payroll is integrated?

TM MGMT and Payroll are integrated in ways are time data is collected from the info type 0007 and these hours are taken in basic as Number of hours worked  or utilizwed, and even with time evaluation and last with schemas integration.
X000 schema carries xt00 and these data can be transfered between other modlues.

14.What are the other modules integrated with OM?

OM contains all the modules to be integrated, depending client requirement it is done. As OM-PA, OM -RECT, OM-BENEFITS, OM-TRAINING & EVENT MGMT, OM – PD AND OTHERS.

15.In TM, if group of employees get 10 days of annual leave, what will be the time evaluation status?

TIME evaluation shows the exact details maintained over to the employee through his 2006 and 2001. if they are all allowed to take leave it shows leave as paid or unpaid depending on the configuration done by the consultant for these situation. in
processing time data in payroll or even Time evaluation ( Valuation of absences )  also.

16.Find the scenario and give the result : A,B,C are employees, where  A,B will get basic,HRA,DA. C gets Basic and DA. How to group for the allowances?.

Allowances are paid depending on his gradation and even wages are also paid on this criteria, if AB are paid bas, hra and DA then take three wage types ans assign to the ES Grouping and don’t give HRA wage type to C.

17.I am running Indian payroll, wage type /130 is not generated, while it should be populated during execution of Rule IN70. Can any body help me in solving the problem?

Check if the HRA, conveyance and other exemptions are being calculated in.  The payroll run, they would move into this wage type and not your custom Wage types. The calculation of these exemptions depend on several other Settings

18.What are dynamic actions and how to configure it?

Dynamic actions are performed automatically by the system, depending on certain conditions. If maintaining one infotype has an effect on another infotype, the system automatically displays the second infotype for processing.
Dynamic actions can run in the background i.e. the user does not see the run on the screen.A change in one field of an infotype might require, that certain other infotype be updated at the same time. The details can be specified as a dynamic event. It is automatically triggered by the system.
*Examples: *
The Personal Data infotype is newly created, and the Number of children field is filled. Once the record is saved, the system automatically displays the Family/Related Person (0021) infotype and the Child subtype (2) for processing. An employee is hired, and the probationary period is entered in infotype Contract Elements. Once this information is saved, the system automatically displays a record from the Monitoring of Dates (0019) infotype and the subtype Expiry of probation (1) for processing.

19.What are the Questions asked for PAYROLL in INTERVIEWS?

Please find the questions below:

20.Can any body tell me, how to add the custom reports in Manager’s?

Desktop (in SAP) about Manager’s Desktop? I’ve tried to customize Manager’s Desktop in IMG but it can’t worked.Are your reports based on the HR logical data base (LDB). If so then the customization is straightforward to pass the relevant data to the selection screens. Else you will need to pass this through a function for which you may need an ABAPer. You also need to look at the authorization issues for the reports in case it is not using a LDB

21.Is infotype 185 country specific, can it be maintained for India, and will it affect the payroll if it is maintained?

We maintain subtypes in table v_t591a. Goto tcode sm30 -> v_t591a ->
Select maintain -> it will ask you for infotype for which u want to maintain subtype in your case it is 0185.

22.We created an Appraisal Template now I want to assign it with one Employee or ESG. How I can do this integration and where. What is the next step after this?

Either you can establish the relationship between the position and the Appraisal Template. Otherwise can restrict the appraisal template based on PSA… However there is no standard setting for restricting the Appraisal template on ESG

23.What is knowledge transfer in sap hr module?

Knowledge Transfer is a general terminology.  It means that you disseminate the knowledge what you have.  Say you are teaching one module to other person. You are the giver and the other person is the receiver of knowledge. The process is Knowledge Transfer.  You are transferring the subject what you know. KT is not specific to any module.

24.What would be basically my roles where I need to provide support or what kind of specs do I need to face.  Pls give some examples.

You are working in Payroll and Benefits, your role can exactly defined after seeing what your Business is doing, are you processing payroll through SAP or you are processing through third party and down load through SAP. In payroll mostly you will get the issue of authorization, and check which all infotypes are going to effect while running the payroll. any issue occur, you need to check the infotypes and while downloading check the fields and verify the data , check the programme and wage types also , whether they are maintained properly etc.

25.Can anybody give some examples of tickets in OM, PA.? What are the tickets you will get in support project please provide me with solution?

If any issue, user raises the ticket. Suppose in OM, org tree is not visible and in PA updation of master records, wage type permissibility or any issue.  Relating to the same. If you have any payroll down load happening, that gets affected due to this infotype. We need to look into as an urgent matter.

26.I am trying to assign an employee on the system to ESS user profile and the message I get is personnel number 00000001 does not exist. [When this employee has full record on the system and is an active employee] What am I doing wrong?

IT 0185 can be used for India payroll. This is for pan no, gratuity.

27.I am facing problem in Infotype 0019/ Monitoring of task. Pls help me in doing IT 0019 working, the system is not giving the reminder on set date, is it require some other settings also. Pls let me know what all settings need to be done for this infotype?

In table V_T531 mention the Lead Follow-up Time and the Units. Like say you want to set the Reminder for 3 months or whatever from the Task Date. This setting will default the Reminder Date.

28.How workflow is related to SAP HR?

Workflow is used to bring out more efficencies and transparencies in processes within SAP.For example, a leave application by an employee using ESS needs to be sent to the employees direct supervisor/Manager for approval. Workflow can be used for this. If the manager does not approve leave within the specified time, certain events like escalation, notification etc can be initiated.
You can map many processes of SAP that involves the participation of many dialogue users to be implemented using workflow.There are many SAP Standard workflows that you can use or can be customised for specific use.
In SAP HR, you can have workflows for CATS Approval, Higer duties approval, contract extension, position change approval, etc. You can program the worflows to update the infotypes, etc.

29.We have this problem at work, on the org. side  the new jobs are there but when we check in infotype 1 it does not pull through. We’ve tried doing the updates using the LSMW and also a programme but nothing helped. We’ve tried to run RHINTE30 but still it does not update infotype 1 record. The PLOGI ORGA switch is on. Where can we check or what can we do to fix this problem

Hope that is to facilitate the workflow process.That is if you need the flow either up ward only or downward only. Also it may be useful in ESS, MDT/MSSfor leave and attendance, appraisals, HR info of the employee and updation, etc.,see the switches if it is related to jobs on the switches not only orga textc,texto,texts switch on and try it it will come it wont work out onlywith orga

30.Where can we see the integrations is switch on, is there a table?

Use T77s0 for PLOGI ORGA.

31.Can u tell me how to find the UGR of an country?

To find User Group, Go to System -> User Profile -> > Own Data ->> Parameters -> UGR
IMG > Personnel Management > Personnel Admin > BasicSettings > User Parameters

32.How can we give abscence quota’s for a group of employees.

I known that by running the report RPTQTA00 we can give but what are the customizations we have to do in IMG

33.Creation of wage type

See you can create wage type in> PM—-PA—-Payroll dat—-basic> pay—-wagetypes—create Wt catalogue./ Wage> type group> For running a payroll you need to create a payroll areas and that you need to fine with client about his requirement.

34.I want the T-code of that window where it asks for evaluation path. I want to generate the report in OM.

Transaction S_AHR_61016529 or program RHNAVIG0.

35.How to find the UGR of an country?

An UGR would be only to users, as thename indicates is a User Group and is not related to a country.If you want to find the user group of a person, then you can go to:
System->User Profile->Own Data-> Parameters.Here you can find the UGR settings for the user.

36.Do you want to know the country grouping (molga)

Then see “Mol” in *System->User Profile->Own Data-> Parameters screen If you are looking for Usergroup then See UGR
An UGR would be only to users, as the name indicates is a User Group and is not related to a country.If you want to find the user group of a person, then you can go toSystem->User Profile->Own Data-> Parameters.Here you can find the UGR settings for the user.

37.I have to create a root organisation unit in Development system. Now I want to transport the changes to Test and production system.  The Transport settings in The IMG is ‘X’ that no transport request should be generated.   So, is it advisable to change the settings to blank and then develop the transport request and arrange the settings back to normal once the transport request is generated for PPOCE.

If you only need to create one root object, it’s simpler to do it manuallly in all three systems. Don’t forget to check the range number in all the systems, though.

38.I need to execute one scenario. “Coordinators will try to book one employee for one business event, but on that day he will be on leave”, what should be the process incase I need to see that the person is not booked.

For checking whether the person is booked or not, go to transaction psv1

39.Can somebody explain me with examples about the following terms?
– Staffing Status
– Staffing Percent
– Percentage Approved
– Percentage Reserved

This is reg your 4 terminologies staffing status is related to “position” in OM as vacancy, or no vacancy or obselete  etcstaffing percentage  is related to a particular personnel no . Its stored in Relationship table HRP1001. You can understand that some % of working time is spent in specified position.the other 3 terminologies “percentage approved and “percentage reserved” to be explored.

40.First of all we wanna tell you what we are doing step by step. After logon process, we entered the transaction code PM01 to access “Create InfoType” screen. Then we selected the tab “SingleScrn” to generate new objects into existing infotype. To do this, we entered “0005” as infotype no and “YU” as infotype version for Serbia. And then we just clicked on the button “Generate Objects” which exists right hand side of the screen.We got the error message “HCMT_BSP_PA_YU_R0005 does not exist”.

IT0005 is a standard IT and already exists, you cannot CREATE it. If you want to create a customer infotype, it has to start with 9*.

41.We want to make a copy of an organizational structure from one plan variant to another. This copy should include all assignments like purchasing groups to organizational units made in PFOM . Can we do this?

Make sure that the plan number is established through the IMG. (And that it is not the active plan.)
Go Human Resources -> Organizational Management Tools -> Plan version -> Copy.
It runs RHCOPL00. All or any portion of the plan maybe copied and manipulated and then copied back in to the active plan.

42.We have a requirement to calculate leave entitlement at the anniversary year not calendar year. The leaves have both paid and unpaid components. The paid component is based on time worked. The unpaid component is based on years of service. Leave taken is reduced from both entitlements depending on employee’s request. We are using a Schema based on TM04 which calls Cycles TS15, TS10. What is th ebest way to handle this?

You can use field ‘DAUER’ for seniority based vacation entitlement in the VAC01->VAC99 features. Time worked is not part of the feature structure (PME03). However you may create your own source code to make a decision on any field even if it does not belong to the feature structure. Check feature VAC01.

43. We have multiple ORGs as we have many subsidiaries of our Parent company. These subsidiaries are defined as ORG and are assigned an ORG-ID. Within each ORG, we have Divisions (e.g. Human Resources, Finance, Materials etc.) and within each division we have Departments (e.g. Payroll, Labor Relations, etc.). We plan to use Personnel Development( PD). What is that we have to consider in this case?

You have to consider how the company wants to see its reports while designing the HR organizational structure in PD. You have address the question: for headcount or regulatory reports to which level does the company need to report, to the division, department, group or team level. You have to design the SAP organizational structure to support the lowest level required. Lower the more levels of detail, the more maintenance required.

44.How can we configure the options for the Assgn Form. No. field on Infotype 210. It is the alternate formula to assign tax field and we have been unable to locate the table in the IMG to edit the options.

Options for the BSI Tax Formula can not be configured.
Possible entries are available in BTXFORM, and they depend on the ‘tax authority’ ( BTXAUTH) and the ‘tax type’ (BTXTAXT). Use data dictionary to check existing entries. This data comes from BSI. Tax calculations are done in the
BSI programs (via RFC from the USTAX function in the payroll schema).

45.We are using the US HR/PAYROLL module. We are able to create the entry to credit the accrued payroll account. But our check writing process does not produce any accounting entries when we create a pay check or run our EFT process(RFFOUS_T). Should RFFOUS_C produce an accounting entry to debit the payroll payable account and credit the cash account ?

RFFOCUS_C does not produce any accounting entries. During the FI/CO interface run , 559 wage types may be posted to your cash account

46.We have approximately 10000 zip codes. We want to relate the eligibility group to the zip code. We do not want to create 20000 eligibility groups. Which is the best way to configure basing eligibility for HMO’s on zip codes?

Try to group the zip codes by the HMO’s they belong to. Then create benefit groups and programs for the unique combinations. You can create as many benefit groups as required and use the employee zipcode to select the benefit group the employee is eligible for. You may also look at user exit 2.

47.Which characteristics does a day with day type 1 have?

Its OFF and Paid

48.Can a posting run be deleted?

Yes It can be reversed before the Bank transfer.Once the transfer is done the pay menets need to be adjusted in the next payments.

49.What activities are possible when the payroll control record is set to ” Released for Payroll “?

When you set the status to Released for pay roll “\’ you cant make any changed to master data. Its actully released for pay roll

50.How does the system know when to trigger retrocative accounting for a particular employee?

You have to mention the retro active accounting date in IT 0003 in the relevant feild. other wise it will take the earliesr hiring date.

51.Is it possible to branch directly from the payroll log to maser data and time data maintenance?

Yes you can go in a seperate sessions.

52.How to create payroll area, pay scale types and levels for different employee group and subgroup?

To create Payroll Area you need to go to PM-PA-Organisation Assignment – Create Payroll Area-Check Default Payroll Area .To create Payscale Type and Payscale Area u need to follow : PM-PA-Payroll Data-Check Payscale type/ Check Payscale Area
Payscale Levels and groups are created while doing the step Revise Payscale groups and levels and Define Salary ranges.

53.Do you know in OM -> copy plan version?

To copy plan version the Tcode: RE_RHCOPL00.This report is only for copying objects from one planversion to another planversion to keep updated structures.Always only one plan version would be active which is current.This report does not help to copy any masterdata.

54.How do I design the Indian Remuneration statement for the first time as the IN01 which is copied and renamed is showing blank.

After copying he IN01 form go into the form and click on the windows where you find so many entries to be made.

55.What actually happens in real time Recruitment?

Real Time in the sence of SAP or IT or Domain. You should have asked him the question, Ok it should be SAP for interview For SAP Consultant. Any company wants a sophisticated Work to be done and with more useful and accurate result even after spending more and more on EPR, So SAP Recruitment helps to Rect people of the client to get the exact people for not only their experiance , with also Educatonal , Exp, Skills, Past experiance and all reqd areas with out enering all the data of the requirement.
As in normal people has to sit on the requirement of he position and then shorlist all the applications, it also helps to know the internal employees to call for intvs and the best way of shorlisting is going for Profile Match Ups, and reruitment is useful for integration with all other modules for PD, PY also for relevant reports and up gradations.
Even rect modules will be able to send the recruiter a POP up saying the Position is vacant and it should be filled with requirement.

56.I got struck in PB10 initial entry screen. While assigning personnel officer by default its showing the standard one like APPL’s admin group only. Its now accepting what I have created under PA define admin group and I assigned under define admn group also (PINCH).

Once you assign your administrator group under PINCH, please check whether you activated or not and also check your groupings.

57.I am facing problem in PA40. While entering the inputs in Personal data in hiring action, I am having the field which is called ” CUIL/ CUIT” ( Which it shows key field) . I do not know about this field and how to enter the data in this field. I would like to remove this field from personnel data. IIIly i am having one more field in Bank details in hiring action, I am having the field ” Bank Key ” I would like to know how to delete/ remove this field from the action, or else how to input the data in this field.

I can suggest you can hide this field by using the following path. Not only this you can hide any field in your screens. Here is the IMG Path :SPRO–>personnel management– >personnel administration- ->change screen modifications;
Mod.pool— MP000200 ,Screen — 2000,Feature— P0002,Variable key— 29,Alt.screen—2029,Next screen— 0
Then execute details, in 011 — Q0002-CCUIL — Worker identification code — activate Hide checkbox.
You can use screen modifications and hide the field. after you hide it and save the settings, CCUIL will not be seen on the screen. Same procedure can be used for bank key too. In the same screen you can also choose the options to set a specific field to be Optional,and Mandatory.

58.Which time we have to consider as a login time?
Is it 1) swiping machine recorded time or 2) System login time.

If an company is going for both the systems, first the company want to decided to go for swapping card system or system log in time, if you required the both, then you discuss with the time administrator to design for both, as per the company requirement the time administrator will decided.

59. Can MRP be carried out for one particular level of a bom ( Level code : 0001/0002 etc).

Yes it can be done by running for specific materials (Single Material Single Level)

60.How Requiements( PIR,Sles Order, Customer Requirement)  are reduced  after they are produced?

Reqmts are reduced automatically after Delivery is made to the Particular Order(In case of Strategy 11, the PIRs are consumed after the GR for Production Order)

61.Can’t one material be assigned to more than one operation in a routing?

One material from a BOM CANNOT be assigned to different Operations.It can be done by defining the material for so many times as required in the BOM

62. How to insert an inspection checkpoint at the end of an operation?

If in process sample is to be defined, assign inspection type 03 in the Material Master.Then create MICs and assign them in the Routings.System automatically generates the Inspection Lots

63. Where we have to specify the teardown time in one operation?

Teardown time can be defined as one of the Standard Parameters…

64. How the process time is calculated in a WC when both labour, Machine categories exist?

Scheduling is done based on the Capacity Category we define in the Workcenter

65. How to create opbject dependencies in a BOM FOR A CONFIGURABLE MATERIAL?

Go to Extras -> Object Dependency -> Assign For this U need to create Characteristics and Class (of Class Type 300) earlier

66. Can any body explain me why work scheduling view is required for semi finished and finished products?

We need to maintain working scheduling view in order to make that finished or semi finished goods available for production as we assign production scheduler and production scheduler profile in this view, if not maintained
conversion of planned order to production will not be possible.

67.What is milestone triggering?

Whenever the confimation of activities done and if the milestne is attached with that particular activity the milstone trigerrs the milstone as per the configuration
done and it will do the nilling through SD module

68.What is Gantt chart?

It is a graphical representaion which helps in Scheduling the Project. It can be referred to as a Dash Board which gives details of the Project in terms Budgeting, Actual
Costs, Planned Work and Actual Work, Remaining Work, % of Completion. Project Manager can also use this for restricting the activities in terms of SS,FS,SF conditions

69. What is Project planning board?

Project planning board is a tool within PS that allows you to plan the entire project structure, capacity, resources, dates.

70.Explain What is unit costing?

Unit costing is a means of recording all the costs – direct and indirect – associated with the delivery of services.

71.What mean by valuated stock,non valuated stock?Which cotagiri you are using in po&pr?

In Valuated stock every material in stock is managed on a both a quantity basis and a value basis. The monetary value of each quantity of material is calculated separately. while
non valuated material is maintained as per quantity and not on the basis of its value.

72.What do you understand by Project?

A project is a system which involves 1. project, sub-project, activities & tasks.
It will have the good integration with the other modules like MM, Fi/co, & PM modules.

73 How LSMW and BAPI works?

LSMW is an encapsulated data transfer tool. It can provide the same functionality as BDC infact much more but when coming to techinical perspective most the parameters are
encapulated. To listout some of the differences :LSMW is basicaly designed for a fuctional consultant who donot do much coding but need to explore the fuctionality
while BDC is designed for a technical consultant.
LSMW offers different techinque for migrating data: Directinput ,BAPI,Idoc,Batch input recording. While bdc basically uses recording.
LSMW mapping is done by SAP while in BDC we have to do it explicitly .
LSMW is basically for standard SAP application while bdc basically for customized application.

74.What is Easy Cost Planning?

It is another function for planning costs at WBS elements level. It uses the existing Controlling, purchasing or MM data in the form of costing items. Also you can have
predefined costing models to simplify repeated entries.

75.What are settlement rules?

Settlement rules are nothing but settling the account for a cost center.Which WBS are account assigned the cost of corresponding WBS should be settled to the respective cost center assigned for that WBS.Settlement rule is assigned in
settlement profile in which you will define (like assect)

76.What is milestone triggering?

Whenever the confimation of activities done and if the milestne is attached with that particular activity the milstone trigerrs the milstone as per the configuration
done and it will do the nilling through SD module

78.What is Gantt chart?

It is a graphical representaion which helps in Scheduling the Project. It can be referred to as a Dash Board which gives details of the Project in terms Budgeting, Actual
Costs, Planned Work and Actual Work, Remaining Work, % of Completion. Project Manager can also use this for restricting the activities in terms of SS,FS,SF conditions

79.What is Project planning board?

Project planning board is a tool within PS that allows you to plan the entire project structure, capacity, resources,

80.Explain What is unit costing?

Unit costing is a means of recording all the costs – direct and indirect – associated with the delivery of services.

81`.Tell me How the accounting document type RV will be configured and link to the billing document type?

This is done in the accounting document FB03 with the help of Customer line itme FBL5N for sals based invoice and FBL1N for vendor based in voice

82.Explain Where are the places credit check will be done?

in sales order, delivery, and postgood issue

83.How to see the credit reports?

Go to FD32 and in that go to enviorment on the menu bar there you have credit summary . Click on that Tab abd that will take you to customer credity report . You can also use f.33 or f.38

84.Explain What is the output used for credit management where it can be processed?

The Output type used in the credit management is printoutput type . To take the print out out for this
Please fallow the fallowing steps
1. Go to FD32
2.Go to the enviorment tab in the menu bar
3. Go to reporting in that and click on credit history .

85.What are the SET Parameter and GET Parameter?

To use parameter IDs, you need to “set” (store) values in the global memory area and then “get” (retrieve) values from this parameter ID memory area. §IIn the case of an online program, you will “set” values from screen fields and you will “get” these values for screen fields. §YYou can perform this “set/get” function two ways: § Use the ABAP statements “SET PARAMETER ID” and “GET PARAMETER ID”. § Use the field attributes “SPA” and “GPA” . §RRemember that parameter IDs can only be used with ABAP Dictionary fields because parameter IDs are linked to data elements. The appropriate data elements must have a parameter IDs for this “set/get” function to work.

86.What are Text Elements?

Text elements makes program easier to maintain program texts in different languages.
These are used for maintainig list headers,selectiontexts in programs

87.What is AWB?. What is its purpose?

AWB stands for Administrator WorkBench. AWB is a tool for controlling, monitoring and maintaining all the processes connected with data staging and processing in the business information whearhousing.

88.What is the significance of ODS in BIW?

An ODS Object serves to store consolidated and debugged transaction data on a document level (atomic level). It describes a consolidated dataset from one or more InfoSources. This dataset can be analyzed with a BEx Query or InfoSet Query. The data of an ODS Object can be updated with a delta update into InfoCubes and/or other ODS Objects in the same system or across systems. In contrast to multi-dimensional data storage with InfoCubes, the data in ODS Objects is stored in transparent, flat database tables.

89.What are the different types of source system?

SAP R/3 Source Systems, SAP BW, Flat Files and External Systems.

90.What is the procedure to debug errors with SAP GUI like Active X error?

Run Bex analyzer>Business Explorer menu item > Installation check, this shows an excel sheet with a start button; click on it; this verifies the GUI installation; if u find any errors either reinstall or fix it.

91.What is the global transfer rule?

Global Transfer rule is a transfer routine (ABAP) defined at the info object level; which is common for all source systems.

92.What is the first step performed when user exit for variables are written?

When the user exit for variables is written it would be used in ABAP code as a conditional check.

93. What is the procedure to insert an inspection checkpoint at the end of an operation?

The procedure to insert an inspection is by defining it in the process sample, assign inspection type 03 in the Material Master then create MIC and assign them in the Routings. Then the system automatically generates the Inspection Lots.

94. Explain me why work scheduling view is required for semi finished and finished products?

Work Schedule view is required for semi finished and finished products because all the details are mentioned in MRP views and they are also available for production for scheduler and production scheduler profile in this view, if not maintained conversion of planned order to production will not be possible.

95. How to delete a group of products that are created in Screen MC84 and group of products?

The product group is created as a material master record with material type PROD and this record is deleted in SARA and the members deleted in the product group and then archive the product group in transaction SARA. Object MM_MATNR.

96. What is the procedure for MPS in Back ground online when it was run for a plant either ways?

MPS in Back ground online was run for a plant in either ways it would run MPS for a single material/plant, if it does not work it need to run a planning file and a consistency check first, transaction OMDO and MDRE respectively it require to set up two jobs to do it but it is straight forward, once it was done this set up the back ground job MPS to run and do it in NEUPL first time round and then change to NETCH after that.

97. What is the output of MPS run?

MPS is run to plan the materials which are of ‘A’ type in the abc analysis (80% dollar value) that have to be planned before. MPS is also a type of MRP only in which components just below the materials on which MPS run is taken place, are planned.

98. List some components of BOM?

Components of BOM are List of Components, Quantity of Components and Unit of Measure of Components.

99.Explain what is table partition?

In order to improve the performance SAP is using the fact table. It can be partitioned only on 0CAlMONTH or 0FISCPER.

100.When ABAP code is required during the transfer rule what important variables can be used and what are the options available in transfer rule?

When ABAP code is required during the transfer rule the important variables that can be used are by assigning info objects, assigning a constant, ABAP routine or a formula.

101.How many dimensions are in Cube?

There are 16 out of which 3 are predefined time, unit and request, customer is left with 13 dimensions.

102.How the dimensions are optimized?

It system can be used as many as possible for performance, for instance it may be assumed that 100 products and 200 customers; if one dimension for both, the size of the dimension will be 20000; if it was made individual dimensions then the total number of rows will be 300. Even if they are taken more than one characteristic per dimension, the math considering worst case and decide which characteristics may be combined in a dimension.

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