Reporting Defects

QTP is an Object based Test tool. We can create and execute tests using QTP. QTP Provides, various methods for crating and enhancing Tests.

After Running Tests, QTP provides result in Result window and also provides a facility to define our own Results. Result Exporting facility also available in QTP Result window.

Any how Analyzing Results is the Responsibility of Test Engineer after running tests.

After analyzing results, we can report defects in various methods.

If we are using QTP for Functional Test Automation and Defect management manual, then entering defect details in company prescribed format and sending.

If we are using Bugzilla or Zera or PR-Tracker like Bug Tracking tool, then after analyzing results, if we find any mismatches sending defects through the Bug tracking tool (Every Bug Tracking tool has its own defect report template)

If we are using Quality center for Test management, then we can send defects directly from QTP result window. In between QTP and Quality Center back to back integration is available.



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