QTP Tutorials 5 – Page Checkpoint

Page checkpoint:It is for web applications only.Common things to check with this are load time, broken links etc.

  1. Open a blank test.
  2. Make sure thathttp://www.google.co.in/ is open.(Now only QTP with blank test and www.google.co.in should be open.)
  3. Click on Record. When we click on Record, “Record and Run Settings” window opens up. Go to “Web” tab and choose first option “Record and run test on any open browser.” and click ok.
  4. Go to Insert (menu)->Checkpoint->Standard Checkpoint (or press F12).
  5. The mouse pointer will become hand and QTP will be minimized.
  6. Click anywhere on the white space on the Google.co.in page.
  7. It will Open “Object Selection – Checkpoint Properties” window. Click on ‘Page : Google’ option which has a page icon on left of it with right corner of the page slightly folded.
  8. Click ok.
  9. A ‘Page Checkpoint Properties’ window opens up. Let all the options be default. Click ok.
  10. Click on Stop in order to stop the Recording.

In the Expert view it will add just one line:

Browser(“Google”).Page(“Google”).Check CheckPoint(“Google”)

We will explore this line later on.

I ran this test by opening www.google.co.in in offline mode (not on internet). It recorded the following properties:

Property Name Property Value
load time “0”
number of images “2”
number of links “20”

Here it shows the load time as 0 because I did not open Google at the time of running the test, it was already open.

When you run it, in the results window, on left hand side, it will show (when every option is expanded):

Test Checkpoint-page Summary (where Checkpoint-page is the name with which I saved the test

Run-Time Data Table

Checkpoint-page Iteration 1 (Row 1)

Action1 Summary

Google (This will be the browser)

Google (This will be the Page)

Checkpoint “Google”

If you run this test on www.google.com it may fail.

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