QTP Tutorials 15 – Regular Expression

Objects and text strings with varying (changeable) values can be identified by QuickTest using Regular expressions.

Regular expressions can be used:

to define property values of an object.

to parameterize a step.

to create a checkpoint with changeable values.


Important points regarding Regular expressions:

You can use regular expressions only for values of type string.

When any special character in a regular expression is preceded by a backslash (\), QuickTest searches for the literal character.

You can define a regular expression for a constant value, a Data Table parameter value, an Environment parameter value, or a property value in a programmatic description.

For more common options to create Regular Expressions, see QTP User Guide.

Instead of writing more about QTP regular expressions, lets quickly jump to examples.


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  • manoj

    Can some body explain How Date and Time format in Regular Expression?

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