QTP Tutorials 10 – Table Checkpoint

In this tutorial we will look at a table Checkpoint just to get familiar with it.

Open a blank test and also open a website “http://www.editorial.co.in/software/software-testing-life-cycle.php” in offline mode.

This website has a table at the bottom of the page.

Click on Record. When we click on Record, “Record and Run Settings” window opens up. Go to “Web” tab and choose first option “Record and run test on any open browser.” and click on ok.

Go to Insert (menu)->Checkpoint->Standard Checkpoint (or press F12).

The mouse pointer will become hand and QTP will be minimized.

Click somewhere inside the table.

“Object Selection – Checkpoint properties” window opens.

Select “WebTable: Software Testing Life Cycle” which has a table icon on its left, where “Software Testing Life Cycle” is the name of the table.

Click ok.

‘Table Checkpoint properties’ window opens. It will show all the rows and columns of the selected table. This time we will not do any extra setting. Just change the Checkpoint timeout at the bottom of this window to 0 seconds and click ok .

Click stop in order to stop recording.

Run the test and analyze the results in the result window, mainly the checkpoint results to see how QTP verifies the result. We will manipulate test results in later tutorials.

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