QTP Testing

Generating Tests in QTP
I) Pre-conditions for Generating Tests
a) Stable Application
Example: Flight Reservation
b) Select and Load appropriate add-ins
Example: Standard windows and Activex
(Get User Interface Technology and Database Information from development team in order to select appropriate add-ins)
Note: QTP is an Object based Test Tool, based on front-end objects only it performs test operations
II) Pre-requisites for Generating Tests
a) Test scenario
Example: Login operation
b) Navigation:
i) Launch the application
ii) Activate the Login dialog
iii) Enter Agent name & password
iv) Click Ok Button
c) Verification points:
Check the existence of Flight Reservation Window
d) Error Handling:
Closing Error Popup (If we use Invalid data)
e)Input data
Agent Name= abcd
Password= mercury
III) Test Design Methods in QTP
1) Object Repository based Test design
        i) Recording
        ii) Keyword driven methodology
2) Descriptive Programming
        i) Static Programming
        ii) Dynamic Programming
IV) Technical Info for Generating Tests
a) Test objects information
b) Methods or Operations



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