QTP Test Planning

Test Planning in Test Automation using QTP
Tasks in Planning Stage:

a) Get Technology/Environment (UI design technology and Database) Information from development team.

Note: QTP is an object based test tool, based on front end objects it performs test operations, In order to recognize Software objects, we need to load required Add-ins, In order to select Add-ins, we need to get Technology Info /Environment details from Development Team.

b) Select and load appropriate Add ins

Application Name: RocketLawyer (www.rocketlawyer.com)

Business Type: Legal Documentation web portal

Application Type: Internet, Public

Operating Environment:
    User-side : Windows XP/Windows 7
    Server-side: Windows 2008 Server for Web server
             Windows 2008 Server for EDP server
             UNIX Server for Database server

Technical Environment:
HTML, Activex for designing User Interface

HTML with Java script for Client-side validations

IIS as Web server

COM+ as Application Server

ASP.NET for Server side Container

VBScript for Server side Scripting

ADO.NET for connectivity in between Database server and Web server

VB.NET , C#.NET for Application Logic (Components developement)

SQL Server as Database Server

XML for Data Transportation
Note: Here I provided complete technology information for one example Software Application, but QTP Test Automation point of view, User Interface designed technology and Database information are sufficient.

c) Analyzing the AUT in terms of Object identification

 How to analyze:
   By record and play back some end to end scenarios
   Using object spy
   Mapping objects in between object repository and AUT
 i) Tool level solutions
     object identification configuration
     low level recording
     virtual object configuration

  ii) Organization level solution
     Ask developement team to provide proper properties info for unrecognized objects

 iii) Vendor level solution
     rise ticket to vendor

d) Selecting areas or test cases for automation
 1. Tests that we have to execute on every build(sanity tests)
  Examplesin Flight reservation Application:
   a) Login operation
   b) Insert Order
   c) Open Order

 2. Tests that we have to execute on every modified build(Regression Tests)

 3. Tests that we have to execute with multiple sets of test data(Data Driven tests)
     Examples in Flight reservation application:
       a) Login operation
       b) Insert Order
       c) Open Order
e) Tool settings configuration and globalize

 a) Files menu-> settings
 b) Tools menu-> options
 c) Tools menu-> object identification
Note: In any Software we can find two types of features One is Constant or Fixed features, another is Configurable features. We can use constant features as it is, but we need to configure Configurable features according to our requirements.

In QTP Application / Tool also we have these two types of features;
Example for Constant features:
Object Repository
Data Table
Step Generator
Example for Configurable features:
Object Identification
Virtual Object
Test Settings

QTP tool is One Tier / Stand- alone Application, in order use common settings from all machines, we need to globalize our tool setting configuration  after configuring required settings. To do this QTP has provided a seperate feature called “Generate Script”.
f) Automation Framework Implementation (optional)



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