QTP Terms

QTP Terminology
1) Statement / Step / Instruction: A minimal executable unit
Statement is different, Line is different. One Statement might have more than one lines and One Line might have more than one statements.
2) Action: One or more statements to perform a task / tasks
Note: even one meaningful also called an Action
3) Test / Test Script: One or more Actions to perform a task / tasks
Note: In manual Testing the term is Test Case, but in Test Automation Term is Test or Test Script.
4) Test Pane: It is an area where Tests can be generated, viewed and modified.
It is Editor of QTP Tool, user can write Test scripts in this Test Pane
5) Active Screen: It is an area; it captures and holds snapshots for each and every user operation on AUT (Application Under Test)
6) Automation: Accessing software objects from another software
7) Test Automation: Automating Software test process using tools/scripts.
8) Automation Framework: It is a systematic approach to automate software test process.
9) Data Table: It is an integrated spread sheet for Data Driven Testing.
10) Data Driven Testing: Testing the same operation with multiple sets of test data.
11) Parameterization: Passing parameters instead of Constant (Fixed) values.
Note: We can use either variables or constants or Arguments or Environment variable or Dictionary elements as Parameters.
12) Debugging: It is a process of locating and isolating errors through step by step execution.
Note: In case of Test Automation Debugging is optional.
13) Object: It is something which has structure and properties.
14) Run-time object: the object present in the application.
15) Test Object: Reference of Run-time object.
16) Utility Objects: QTP reserved objects, used for Testing and Result Reporting.
17) Data Driver: It is used connect test data to the Test.
18) Object Spy: It is used to get Object information (Properties and values, applicable methods on that Object)
Note: If we load appropriate Add-in only, Object Spy can get Objects Information, otherwise Object spy helpless.
19) VB Script: Visual Basic Scripting Edition (Lightweight version of Micro Soft VB Programming Language).
Note: VB Script was launched in 1997, VB Script engine by default available in Windows 98 and higher versions, and Internet Explorer.
20) QTP: QuickTest Professional, It is a Functional & Regression Test Tool, launched in 2002. It also supports little bit Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing and Reliability Testing. It is an Object based Test tool, based on objects only performs Test operations.
QTP Terms



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