QTP Certification Questions-25

 QTP Certification Questions

1) The Information pane provides a list of………….

in the test:
A) Semantic errors
B) Syntax errors
C) Common errors
D) Logic errors
2) When we switch from Expert view to the Keyword view,
QTP automatically checks for syntax errors in the test
and shows them in the information pane.
A) True
B) False
3) If the information pane is not open, QTP
automatically opens it in case a syntax error is
A) True
B) False
4) ………………… provides a list of the
resources that are specified in your test but cannot be
A) Missing pane
B) Missing Resources pane
C) Resources pane
D) Missing Items pane 

5) Whenever you open a test or a function library, QTP
automatically checks for the availiblity of specified
A) True
B) False
6) The Data Table does not assists you in
parameterizing your test.
A) True
B) False
7) Tabs in the Debug Viewer pane are:
A) Watch, Variables, Debug
B) Watch, Data, Command
C) Watch, Variables, Command
D) View, Variables, Command

8) …………… tab enables you to view the current
value of any variable or VBScript expression.
A) Watch
B) VIew
C) Locate
D) Current
9) The …. tab displays the current value of all
variables that have been recognized up to the last step
performed in the run session.
A) View
C) Locate
D) Current
10) The ………tab enables you to run a line of script
to set or modify the current value of a variable or
VBScript object in your test or function library.
A) View
B) Variables
C) Command
D) Current
1) B, 2) A, 3) A, 4) B, 5) A, 6) B, 7) C, 8) A,
9) B, 10) C



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