QTP Basics-Automation Testing

There are two ways of Testing.

1. Manual Testing.
2. Automation Testing.

1). Manual Testing

It is a process in which all the phases of Software Testing Life Cycle like Test Planning, Test Development, Test Execution, Result Analysis, Bug Tracking and Reporting are accomplished successfully manually with human efforts.

Drawbacks of Manual Testing

1. More number of people is required.
2. Time consuming.
3. No accuracy.
4. Tiredness.
5. Simultaneous actions are almost impossible.
6. Repeating the task in a same manner is not so easy manually.

2). Automation Testing

It is a process in which all the drawbacks of manual testing are addressed (over come) properly and provides speed and accuracy to the existing testing phase.
Automation Testing is not a replacement for manual testing it is just a continuation for a manual testing in order to provide speed and accuracy.

Drawbacks of Automation Testing
1. Too cost.
2. Cannot automat all the areas.
3. Lake of expatriation.

Automation Tool
Automated Tool is an Assistance of test engineers, which works based on the instructions and information.

General foam work to learn any automated tool.

A test engineer should learn the following to work with any automated tool.

1. How to give the instruction.
2. How to give the information.
3. How to use its recording facility.
4. How to use its play back facility.
5. How to analysis the Result.


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