QTP 11.5

QTP 11.50 (HP Unified Functional Testing 11.50)

QTP 11.50 Download Link

HP released new version of QTP tool with the name of Unified Functional Testing.

What’s New in UFT 11.50 (formerly QTP)?

New Features

Overall UFT

UFT now offers the following new features, which are relevant for both GUI and API testing:

One Unified Tool for Composite Apps Testing
Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is just that–a unified, one-stop-shop for GUI, API, and business process testing, enabling you to fully validate the functionality of both the applications (GUI) layer and the business (API/Web Services) layer of your products.

GUI and API business components.

QA teams can start testing earlier by testing the API and Service layers of the application before the GUI is ready, reducing risk, increasing testing efficiency, and shortening the time-to-market.

Modern IDE Designed for Both Developers and Testers 
UFT’s completely redesigned IDE is aligned with market-leading developer IDEs, but customized for testing, so that both developers and less technical testers will feel right at home.

Solutions for Managing Your Testing Documents 

In UFT, you can create solutions to provide a better way to view, edit, and manage any set of testing documents. You can then use the Solution Explorer to view and manage solutions.

Edit Multiple Testing Documents Simultaneously
In UFT, you can open and work with multiple documents stored in the same solution, including GUI or API tests, individual actions, business components, function libraries, and code files.

HP ALM Server-Side Test Runs
In HP ALM with the Performance Center extension, you (or an ALM administrator) can set up remote host computers with UFT and the applications you need to test.

GUI Testing

UFT now offers the following new features, available when working with GUI testing assets:
•    Insight: Image-Based Object Identification
•    File Content Checkpoints
•    Support for MSAA-Based (Microsoft Office and Plug-in) Controls
•    Generate Automated GUI Tests from Sprinter Exploratory Tests
•    New GUI Testing Support for Qt and Adobe Flex Applications

API Testing

UFT now offers the following new features, available when working with API testing assets:
•    SAP IDoc and RFC Imports
•    JSON Document Testing
•    Reusable Actions for API Testing
•    Use API Tests in Continuous Integrations Testing
•    Debug Steps Using the Run Step Command
•    HP Service Virtualization Integration
•    Use Your soapUI Tests in UFT
•    Compare API Testing Assets
•    ALM Application Parameters for Test Runs

New Supported Environments for GUI Testing

64-bit Applications
Supported for Standard Windows, .NET, WPF, Java, and Web (Internet Explorer only)
FarPoint 8.0 COM
Delphi 2009, Delphi 2010, XE
Flex SDK 4.5.1, Adobe AIR 2.6
SWT 3.6, Eclipse 3.6
SLV 4, 5
Oracle Forms 11g
PeopleSoft 8.5
PowerBuilder 12.0
new bi monthly calendar control in CRM 7 , SAP GUI 7.20
Stingray Studio 10.4
IE 64-bit, IE 9,  IE Protected Mode, Chrome, FF 4-14, jQueryUI toolkit , Dojo toolkit 1.5.0, Yahoo UI toolkit 2.7

New Supported Environments for API Testing

JRE version 7u5



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