Outlook 2007 Training: How To Accomplish More With Your Email!

We all use email, whether we love it, hate it, or have learned to live with it. I’m definitely on love terms with my email. I can’t imagine life without being able to communicate through text; it’s definitely my preferred method of communication.

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email application, but it does more than facilitate email communication. Outlook has expanded features and options that include contact management, a calendar, task management, journaling, note taking and more!

The new edition of Outlook can help you accomplish even more, from organizing your important information to effectively managing your time. Some of the cool features that I like in the new Outlook 2007 include:

  • Integration of RSS feeds – I can get all my feeds right next to my inbox
  • Text messaging – I can send and receive text and picture messages from my Outlook
  • Organizing with colors – I can easily color categorize anything I want, from messages and tasks, to calendar items and contacts

Learn how to manage your time and communication effectively with Microsoft Outlook 2007 Training Videos! — Available Now!

The new Outlook 2007 has more features and gives you more control — if you know how to use it. So if you want to take advantage of everything the new Outlook has to offer check out Train Signal’s Microsoft Outlook 2007 Training Videos! The free demo is available now!


Some of the topics covered in the Outlook 2007 training include:

  • – Installing and setting up your profile
  • – Personalizing the Outlook 2007 Interface
  • – Effectively organizing your information
  • – Using third party add-ons to help you be more productive
  • – Managing calendars, meetings, contacts, distribution lists
  • – and more!

Get more information on Train Signal’s Outlook 2007 Training Videos and view a free demo here!


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