New Jobs with Vista?

According to a Microsoft-commissioned study conducted by IDC (International Data Corporation) Windows Vista could create 100,000 new IT-related jobs in the United States and 50,000 technology jobs in Europe.

At first I felt slightly offended by this statement as it sounded like I wasn’t good enough to learn Vista.  However, after some thinking I realized that this is not what the study is talking about.

All this hardware preparation, software installation, testing, migrating, and deployment to users will require a lot work. These types of projects take many hours and with a rollout deadline being just a few weeks away, there is just no way you and I could be done on time.

We will need some help with configuring servers, getting out the new PCs to all users, setting it up for them, providing technical support and desk-side assistance. This is where all these jobs will go: expert contract work and temporary positions that, with time, will probably shift into other IT responsibilities.

I was unable to find the original 14-page study to dig into for more details about the IT-job related increase, but here is the news link for a detailed story


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