My 5 Favorite Windows Vista Features

I have been using Windows Vista for awhile now … I am a fan.  Here are my five favorite Windows Vista features.

1. Windows Vista Explorer

One of the more drastic changes in Vista; it has quickly grown on me and I find it to be much more intuitive than the old system.  I love the functionality of the new address bar and virtual folders are also very handy.

Windows Vista Explorer

2. Instant Search

One of the first "new" things you see when you start playing around with Vista.  It can be used to run programs, execute commands, search your computer, search your email and search the Internet. 

It is highly customizable and becomes more and more useful the more you use it.  I no longer have a need for the "Run" command on my start menu.

Windows Vista Search

3. Network & Sharing Center

A little overwhelming at first … just because it is different.  I really like the flexibility in managing different network connections and basing security settings on "public" or "private" locations.

Vista Network and Sharing Center

4. Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE)

New diagnostic/repair tool that automatically tries to fix startup/boot problems, including registry corruptions, missing OS files, file corruptions and more.  Accessible from a pre-configured recovery partition OR by booting off of the Vista DVD.   

Lots of recovery options.  Make sure that you have system restore enabled!

Windows Vista Recovery Environment - Windows RE

5. AERO Interface

This just makes Vista cool to use.  I like the glass-like look and love messing around with the 3D Flip view.

Windows Vista AERO Interface        

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