No, I am not talking about a breed of cattle or some sort of Cheddar cheese molded into a long cylinder.

What I mean by longhorn is the new Microsoft Windows Server .

Since Microsoft hasn’t yet decided on the exact name for this next-generation Windows Server operating system with increased security, reliability, and functionality — for now it’s been dubbed with the code-name “Longhorn”. 

Microsoft definitely promotes using the new Server OS with Vista client operating system, as together both these operating systems will give you more efficient management and faster communication.

“Longhorn” is far from being ready and some people say that it may be another year before it’s released. But this waiting period did not stop Microsoft from listing the top 10 reasons to upgrade your servers to Longhorn.

Here they are:

  1. Enhanced security through improved Group Policy and BitLocker
  2. Network Access Protection
  3. New Terminal Services capabilities
  4. A new networking stack
  5. Enhancements to Directory Services
  6. New Server Core feature
  7. Expanded Unix/Linux support
  8. Enhanced performance monitoring
  9. An enhanced Internet Information Server (IIS), version 7.0
  10. Enhanced management features and new Server Manager tool

To get more info about the above 10 reasons, read Network Computing.


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