LoadRunner Certification Questions-4

LoadRunner Certification Model Questions 4
31: Where in the Run-time settings can you define to only send messages when an error occurs?
A. General: Log
B. General: Run Logic
C. General: Miscellaneous
D. General: Additional Attributes
32: You are running a test and notice that during the ramp up, the response times are beginning to drastically increase. How can you instruct LoadRunner to stop ramping up Vusers and hold the current number?
A. Press the STOP button on the Controller’s main window
B. Press the PAUSE button on the Interactive Schedule graph
C. Select the option to wait for the current iteration to end before stopping
D. Select the Vusers in the Ready state from the Vusers window and click the STOP button
33 Which scenario execution run allows you to verify the system performs as expected under load?
A. Debug
B. Full Load
C. Top Time
D. Scalability
34: When you specify to iterate a script 10 times, which sections of the script are iterated?
A. Group
B. Action
C. Vuser_init
D. Vuser_end
35: Where are the results stored during the run of a scenario?
A. Analysis
B. Controller
C. Utility server
D. Load generator
36: When you define a rendezvous point in a scenario, where should the Ir_start transaction function be placed?
A. At the end of the action section
B. At the beginning of the action section
C. Immediately after the rendezvous function
D. Immediately before the rendezvous function
37: While analyzing the Vuser log files from a scenario run, you see the following log file from one of the Vusers. Start auto log message stack – Iteration 1. Starting action BookFlight. BookFlight-c(5): Notify: Transaction WT_00_Home_Page started. BookFlight.c(7): Error -27796: Failed to connect to server [10061] End auto log message stack. What was the
A. Standard Logging
B. Extended Logging
C. Always send a message
D. End, message only when an error occurs
38: A script was recorded with an average think time for an advanced user. An advanced user pauses 5 seconds between clicks. A first-time user pauses an average of 10 seconds between clicks. How can you modify the think time run-time settings to emulate a first-time user?
A. Set the think time to s recorded
B. Set the think time to multiply the recorded think time by 4
C. Set the think time to a random percentage between 150% – 250%
D. Set the think time to replay as recorded, but limit the think time to 10 seconds
39: How can you validate that the LoadRunner Agent is running on the load generator?
A. Port 443 will be open.
B. The MIFW.exe process will be running.
C. The radar dish wall appear in the system tray.
D. The load generator will be pinged using the name/DNS/IP.
40: Which scenario execution run allows you to look for potential transactions that require significantly longer times to complete?
A. Debug
B. Full Load
C. Scalability
D. Top Time Transaction



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