LoadRunner Certification-6

 LoadRunner Certification Model Questions 6
51: What instructs LoadRunner to prepare the Vusers so they are in the ready state?
A. Real-life
B. Initialize
C. Duration
D. Start Vusers
52: Which performance test objective is met when determining if the new version of the software adversely affects response time?
A. Reliability
B. Regression
C. Acceptance
D. Capacity planning
E. Product evaluation
F. Bottleneck identification
53: Which term refers to a set of actions or user steps performed within an application to accomplish a business goal?
A. Transaction
B. Vuser script
C. Business process
D. Business verification
54: What is the appropriate scenario outline if your quantitative goal is to attain 2,500 concurrent users for the Update transaction during peak time?
A. Load test should achieve 2,500 users only.
B. Script should define the Update transaction only.
C. Script should define the Update transaction, and the load test should achieve 2,500 users.
D. Script should define the Update transaction, and the load test should achieve 2,500 concurrent users.
55: Which source provides data that resides in an application database?
A. Master data
B. External data
C. User-generated data
D. Server-generated data
56: Which tool is used to emulate the steps of real users?
A. VuGen
B. Analysis
C. MI Listener
D. Load generator
57: What must have direct communication with VuGen?
A. Controller
B. Load generator
C. Database server
D. Application under test (AUT)
58: If a load test has to run for 4 hours with 2,000 users, and the average iteration completes in 10 minutes, how many transactions will run per minute?
A. 150
B. 200
C. 400
D. 475
59: What allows you to gather performance metrics for a variety of major backend system components including firewalls, application servers, and database servers?
A. Monitors
B. Scenarios
C. Transactions
D. Service level agreement
60: What is the LoadRunner term for varying values defined in a placeholder that replaces the hard-coded values?

A. Variable

B. Constant
C. Parameter
D. Correlation



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