LoadRunner Certification-5

LoadRunner Certification Model Questions 5
41: You run a load test & the performance does not agree with your goals. What is the next step that should be taken?
A. Consult with subject matter experts
B. Add an additional web server to the environment
C. Add additional memory to the hardware under test
D. Change your run time settings and return the scenario
42: Which scenario run is recommended to set the run time settings to Standard Logging?
A. Debug
B. Full Load
C. Top Time
D. Scalability
43: You are analyzing the results for a Debug run and realize that response times are better than SLAs. What should you do?
A. Re-run the scenario again to validate the transaction response times
B. Inform the project manager that additional performance tests are not necessary
C. Ignore the transaction response times because they are meaningless in a Debug run
D. Prepare for overload/scalability testing because the application is ready for additional users
44: You want to control the delay between iterations. Where do you set this in the IZun-time settings?
A. General: Pacing
B. General; Think Time
C. Network: Speed Simulation
D. Browser: Browser Emulation
45: Which HTTP error code indicates that an individual business process is failing under load or the web application itself has crashed?
A. 200
B. 403
C. 401
D. 500
46: Which type of file can be used in a new LoadRunner group?
A. .Irr
B. Ira
C. Irs
D. usr
47: What is an intersection point in a business process?
A. Scenario
B. Rendezvous
C. Transaction
D. Service level agreement
48: Which Run-time settings node is available to all protocols?
A. General
B. Browser
C. Network
D. Internet Protocol
49: Where in the Runtime settings would you set your script to run 10 iterations?
A. General: Run Logic
B. General: Miscellaneous
C. Browser: Browser Emulation
D. Internet Protocol: Preferences
50: While running a script in the Controller you notice a scripting error. While the scenario is still open, you return to VuGen, make the coding modification & save the script. What do you need to do before running the scenario again?
A. Save the scenario
B. Refresh the script in the Controller
C. Refresh the Run-time settings in the Controller
D. Do nothing. The script will automatically refresh.




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